My Natural Beauty Favorites


Something about growing a human made me take a hard look at my diet and the things I was putting in and on my body.

It’s a whole new level of responsibility and the only thing I could control was how I took care of myself, hoping I was doing right by my baby. The lists of what not to eat, medicines I could and could not take, and what I should and shouldn’t be doing was overwhelming! I found myself questioning everything in my fridge. Soon the dots connected and I began to question all of the things I was putting on my body, not just in my body.

Instead of taking things slowly, I had a freakout. I flipped a switch, took out a trash bag and threw away pretty much everything. Everything had to go — house cleaning products, food in the fridge and pantry, and, the hardest of all (because the stuff is not cheap), a lot of makeup and beauty products. I had been keen to eating clean and mostly organic, but something about the wild pregnant hormones (ladies, you feel me?) made me decide it was time for an overhaul of all of the products we ate and used in the house.

Okay. Now that everything’s in the garbage… what the heck do I use to get ready each day? Finding things I actually like, that work, and that I would recommend has been a process. It’s easy to find natural beauty products these days. There are tons out there, thank goodness! However, it can be expensive to try them out and find something that works similarly or better to the things you were using before. So I thought, since I’ve found a few I love and would highly recommend, I would share!

My Natural Beauty Favorites | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Let’s start with skincare.

Face Cleanser:

I am absolutely obsessed with this scrub. It’s been over a year, using it every other day or so, and I still look forward to washing my face with this.


I wasn’t a fan of this step of skincare for years, because I always thought it would dry my face out and make it feel tight in an uncomfortable way, but this is lovely and does none of the aforementioned. It contains lavender and frankincense essential oils, which are known for their ability to support and enhance your skin.

Blemish Control:

I use tea tree and lavender essential oil directly on acne, pimples, dark spots, and scars. It has worked wonders and I will continue to use them, but a recent flare up of stubborn adult hormonal acne had me searching for something more potent. Enter this incredible magical unicorn (not pictured). Things were looking pretty disastrous and in 4 days, all was calm, and almost completely gone. I plan and hope to never be without it!


This balm (not pictured) is incredibly silky, dries matte, and has a nice cooling effect. In the first week of use, it helped calm and clear my hormonal acne, while also providing much needed hydration everywhere else. I am in love with it. During this winter, I’ve also found myself reaching for this at night. It is more rich and thick and really does the trick on those extra cold Colorado nights. It also smells wonderful.


Newer to my arsenal, this sunscreen has been so good, I find myself always taking the extra step to put it on! It’s not heavy feeling and the best part is that it dries clear. It works well as a primer for foundation too!


A dear friend gifted me this and it is amazing! You put in on in the shower! So easy! It smells lovely, but the selling point is that it works. My skin is so soft and hydrated and I think that’s the first time I’ve said that in 7+ years of living in CO.


Hear me out. I have tried almost every single natural deodorant out there. Nothing really worked… not all day at least. This stuff truly does. Even throughout an extra sweaty workout, I’m still fresh! It’s incredible. My mom was raving about it and I have to admit, I didn’t fully believe her. I’m a convert now. They also make it in stick form, if the paste isn’t your thing.


This face spray is really refreshing. I love to use it in the morning and right before bed. It also works great for setting your makeup! This argan oil is nice as a moisturizer for the face, neck, and hands. I also love to use a drop or two on my hair, after I wash and blow dry, for shine and to help with frizz.

My Natural Beauty Favorites | Denver Metro Moms Blog

On to makeup.

This has been tricky! There hasn’t been a ton of wins in this department so far. Honestly, a couple of the things I’m going to recommend aren’t completely “clean” products! However, I know you mamas out there can appreciate something that does it’s job.


For light coverage I use this. It is truly a sleep-deprived-mom-face-saver. It leaves a dewy, fresh finish and feels like I’m not wearing any makeup at all. For more coverage, I use this. The stick makes for a super fast application. If you’re like me and you have about 30 seconds before the kids start calling, then this is the one! It’s beautiful on, not heavy or cake-y, and I get unsolicited compliments (okay, mostly from my husband) every time.


Okay people, this is the most non-clean product I use. I admit it. However, this blurs your fine lines and wrinkles and is the pretty snapchat filter IRL. Enough said.


Some of you may be saying “What?” If I do anything by way of makeup, I use this. I dab a little on the top of my cheekbones, inner corner of my eyes, and, if I’m feeling fancy, above and below my eyebrows. It has that, “hey, I’m alive” way about it and bonus, it makes your cheekbones pop.


I don’t really do well with lipsticks. It always ends up on my teeth. I keep trying liquid lipsticks (matte is so hot these days), but every time I end up with sandpaper for lips. Lip crayons are my jam. Maybe because it’s just a crayon and I know crayons (bad mom joke)! Probably because it’s super easy and foolproof. This brand has lots of fun products.


Again with this brand, but this blush stays on and is lovely at the same time. Easy peasy.

If you’d like to check to see how “clean” your products are, browse the EWG Skin Deep site. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate makeup products, this company tests and rates thousands of products and gives them a rating you can understand. Knowledge is power.

Are there clean, natural beauty products you love? Please share! I would love to know your tips!

*Nothing in this post is sponsored. I just really like the products and wanted to share. Enjoy!


  1. Love this post! Bali secrets is my favorite natural deodorant as anything with baking soda makes a total mess of my skin.


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