The ABCs of Mamahood


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With the start of preschool, I spend my days entrenched in the alphabet – talking about and singing the ABCs all day. The sheer number of alphabet books amongst the shelves at the library could max out our check-out limit; however, the picture/letter pairing is relatively repetitive. I mean, how many things can you think of that start with U for the toddler audience? Umbrella, unicorn,….. that’s about the extent of it. With ABCs on the brain, I think we mamas need our own version – of the parenting variety…

A is for Alone timestolen in 4-minute chunks of time while hidden in the bathroom, secretly eating dark chocolate and praying its caffeine content will fuel us to naptime

B is for Bodily fluids – we wear the bodily fluids of our children on our clothes and in our hair as badges of honor from the trenches of motherhood

C is for Cuddlessweet, full-body embraces from our little loves

D is for Daniel Tigerwhose teachings save us in the emotional world of toddlerhood and provide 28 minutes of blissful distraction

E is for Exhaustion sheer physical & mental exhaustion

F is for Facebooka place to bridge the social isolation that long days of motherhood can produce

G is for Guiltwhether working outside the home or inside it, we can all relate to mom guilt

H is for Happinessbecause the pre-kid days will never compare to the happiness experienced in the role of being a mama

I is for Ice – because wrestling a 35-pound 3-year-old provides a daily dose of aches and pains

J is for Juggle – mamas are master jugglers… be it work, kids, household, budgets, mealtimes, etc., all while squeezing in time for self-care, exercise, and our partner

K is for Kisseswet, open-mouth, slobbery ones

L is for Lollipop the cure-all in moments of toddler crisis

M is Mom’s Night Out – Amen!

N is for Naptime – Something we bribe, cheat, and steal to achieve each afternoon

O is for Octopus8 arms are required to carry all the stuff needed for the kids

P is for Pinterestbecause where else can you find the recipe for cloud dust & get DIY project ideas we’ll never actually get around to making?

Q is for Questions Oh, the questions….”Why does it thunder?” “Where is my homework?” “What’s for dinner.” There are lots and lots of questions.

R is for Repetitionhow many times a day do I have to say “Gentle, please”?!

S is for Sleep deprivationSeriously, mama’s tired

T is for Tantrumswhether you’re parenting a toddler or teenager, there are big, teary-eyed, tiring tantrums.

T is also for Target – the joyful place of refuge, where I blow my budget during solo trips.

U is for Usedafter the first year of motherhood, we realize we don’t need everything new and seek out the used selections of neighborhood garage sales & mom swap pages

V is for Velcro – because we appreciate anything that makes getting out the door easier

W is for Wine obviously

X is for….nothingmy daughter always skips this letter, so why can’t I?

Y is for Yoga pantsthank goodness for the stretchy waistband of this socially acceptable version of sweatpants

Z is for Zoo – the perfect combination of entertainment for the kids and walking exercise to justify that dark chocolate I hastily devoured earlier

There ya go….the ABCs of mamahood.

What are your ABCs? Share them in the comments below!

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Kelly is a Denver NATIVE stay-at-home entrepreneurial mom to two little ones. She is a self described foodie and loves dining out, hosting dinner parties with great food and wine, and indulging in ice cream! Kelly balances her love of everything culinary with her gym habit, and enjoys her “me time” working on her fitness! This active mama never leaves home without baby wipes, and though you are likely to catch her in a local park, it won’t be one with lots of sand! When she’s not relishing sleepy cuddles and slobbery kisses, spending time with her husband, or pursuing her successful career as a Beautycounter consultant, Kelly can be found connecting with other moms within the world of mommy groups.


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