Mom Style: Fashion and Function with a Toddler


I recently chatted with some women about clothing shopping and whether it’s best to shop for cheap seasonal fashion or to invest in classic timeless pieces. In my previous life (as a professional), before children, I loved getting dressed for work. I lived in heels and dresses. I love silk and dry clean only!

With a 21-month-old son, who is still nursing, it seems I’ve only begun to emerge from the maternity-postpartum-breastfeeding fashion abyss. And what a confusing and bewildering place to be! I’m the full-time-stay-at-home-mom of a toddler boy, which means sticky fingers, runny noses, and handfuls of half chewed food are the norm. He’s crazy, busy, messy, and super affectionate, which leaves my clothes spotty, stretched, and stained half the time. So what to wear? When I do try to dress up, I end up feeling frustrated when my dry clean only gets used and abused. When I run around in sweatpants, I don’t feel quite like myself. Add in the unpredictable and (this time of year) snowy Colorado weather and suddenly I’m certain I have nothing to wear!

Now more than ever, fashion has to be accessible!

It’s a non-negotiable for me to have options that allow me to feel like a real person and be able play with my son. For now I’ve traded the heels and pencil skirts for a few more mom-friendly, but still fashion forward options.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Final fashion image

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Stretchy Mid-rise Jeans

Who’s excited “mom jeans” are popular again!? I love my low-rise jeans…but mid-rise makes the ups and downs and dives and squatting easier and less stressful. While bending down to wipe a runny nose or going down a slide, my jeans aren’t limiting my range of motion or causing me to wonder if my crack is hanging out… A nice dark wash ensures boogers blend in and gives a slightly more dressy feel. My favorite are from Express. Also, they carry different lengths so that means no alterations for this short mama! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Gap has some great options and if you don’t mind working a little harder Nordstrom Rack is a great place to look for designer jeans, if you’re a mama with legs for days!


Inexpensive, hearty basics you can wash and dry 100 times and replace next season, as necessary. Classic, inexpensive, versatile. Nothing so special you can’t replace and no dry cleaning or ironing! I like to spring for black, because, well, STAINS. A few simple tops that you can layer with a chunky knit cardigan to keep up with our crazy Colorado weather are ideal.

A GREAT Haircut

I’m talking about one that does itself without needing straightening/curling etc. For me it’s layers and texture, long enough to pull back with a few stragglers and short enough to get out of my way.


Showering is hard to get around to with my toddler, and when he’s in bed at the end of the day I’m ready to soak up every minute with my husband. Dry shampoo keeps my hair from looking ewwy-gooey greasy and makes it full of volume. So even several days of unwashed hair makes for a great pony tail! I love this one Evo Water Killer and you can find Not Your Mothers brand at Target. If you’re worried about your dark hair looking dull check out this tinted version from MoroccanOil.


Winter in Denver means snow, and getting outside to play calls for a great pair of boots that are adorable, comfortable, and functional. These could be a pricey splurge but if it makes being out and about on cold days more bearable, then I think it’s totally worth it! Sorel, Columbia, and Born all make some great styles!

What are the fashion + function go-to’s in your mama wardrobe?! Where do you find your favorite pieces?


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Dani is a loud, Italian, New York transplant who came to Colorado for college and never left. It was there she met the love of her life and very best friend and put down roots in Denver. Mama to the wildest almost-2-year old little boy in town, she is a retired therapist (at least for now), works full time as a mom, and works part time as a floral designer out of her home. She’s a home body, loves to cook, and defines cleaning as making sure everything “looks pretty.” Motherhood has pretty much blown all of her expectations out of the water and she’s still trying to figure out where, how, and when to come up for air. Dry shampoo has become a way of life because showers have become nearly impossible. Her husband, houseplants, and life long girlfriends keep her sane on this incredible (and at times, bewildering) adventure.


  1. Great ideas! The past few months, I’ve become slightly addicted to Stitch Fix…because it sends me cute stuff that I don’t have to go out and find myself. Much easier for busy mom life!


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