The Golden Arches Run In The Family

We are so thankful for our sponsors at McDonald's for providing this inspiring story of a second generation owner/operator and introducing us to their Archways to Opportunity program.

Lauren Boselli-Addy knew from a young age, 8-years-old to be exact, that working at McDonald’s was something she always enjoyed. Lauren is a second-generation McDonald’s owner/operator in the Denver Metro area and you could say that she has ketchup in her blood.

mcdonalds denverLauren became an approved McDonald’s owner/operator in June of 2015, but her career with McDonald’s began long before then. Lauren began working for her dad when she was just 8 by helping him clean the lobby and take orders at the front counter, as well as the drive thru window on Saturdays.

She quickly knew she loved working with her dad at McDonald’s!

Tony Boselli, Lauren’s father, owns 14 McDonald’s restaurants in the Denver Metro area and has been involved with McDonald’s for more than 40 years. Today, along with her husband, Kyle, and twin sister, Elizabeth, Lauren and her family run these 14 restaurants. Elizabeth works in the office focusing on marketing and administrative duties, and Kyle works as the company controller.

Lauren officially became a crewmember at McDonald’s when she was 16-years-old and worked over the summer and holiday breaks throughout high school. She eventually worked her way up to a certified swing manager, holding that position until she graduated college in 2009. From there, through a lot of hard work, vigorous training courses and dedication, Lauren worked her way up to a store manager, area supervisor, director of operations and eventually an approved owner/operator after successfully completing the competitive training program at Hamburger University in Oak Brook, IL.

archwasy-logoMcDonald’s is a place of growth.

Lauren knows first hand the amazing opportunities that are available to each and every crewmember, specifically through their Archways to Opportunity program. Archways to Opportunity is a comprehensive education strategy that provides multiple programs to crewmembers, allowing them to grow and learn no matter where they are on their journey.

There are four components to the Archways to Opportunity education program at McDonald’s, including: English Under the Arches – FREE English-language skills classes for employees wanting to learn or understand English better, a FREE program to obtain a high school diploma, tuition assistance to attend a college to receive an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and resources to help remove the many barriers to pursuing educational goals.

boselli-addy-5-opportunityLauren currently has six employees enrolled in the Archways to Opportunity program and looks forward to continuing to grow that number in the future. In fact, since launching the Archways to Opportunity program in April 2015, McDonald’s has reported that more than 10,000 restaurant employees across the U.S. are enrolled in the program.

“I love my job because of the opportunity it has given me and my family, as well as the opportunity I can provide to my community,” said Lauren. “I look forward to continuing my partnership with my father and sharing these exciting opportunities with my growing family.”

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