My Facebook Friends List This November


Let’s face it. Our Facebook friends are important to us, but not critical.  And around November of an election year, our friends list can change drastically.

My Facebook Friends List This November | DMMBEmotions run high and picking the next President of the United States brings out a lot of passion in people. We’ve always been taught not to talk about politics at work or with people we don’t know well, but in the Facebook age, it’s hard not to share your views. By simply sharing a video, you could be taking a stance for your candidate or against another.  Facebook can sometimes seem to heighten people’s sensitivity to the subject. I think we’re capable of respecting differing opinions. We can agree to disagree, but sometimes you get those few people who you decide you just can’t take anymore and you have no choice but to hit that unfriend button.

I will admit that I am totally one of those people who occasionally needs to cut ties. If I feel that your views are completely ignorant or I find you offensive, I have no internal struggles with “unfriending” you. This may sound harsh, but it could mean the difference between “unfriending” you or an internal daily struggle to not respond to you in anger.

The last two elections definitely reflected this. I felt like many of my “friends” were making the election more about race than policy. This year is in a league of its own, with two candidates unlike ones we have ever seen. They’ve been described as the least transparent candidates to ever run. Refusing to release tax information, health information, and emails. People have felt very strongly about the candidates and it has seemed to bring out the worst in some of our fellow Americans. Racism, sexism, and intolerance for people with different beliefs have come to the forefront of this election. This election has been described as picking the “better of two evils.” Without a doubt, these candidates both have their issues, there is no debating that.

I am a firm believer in being able to post what you want on your own social media. I am. But I also have the right to not be subjected to it. I guess one of the easiest things to do is to simply take a break from Facebook when the election season really heats up. I am ok with people who see things differently than me, but if you read this post, plan on posting offensive, insensitive, or ignorant things and, in fact, are a friend of mine on Facebook, feel free to remove yourself now, I’m sure I won’t miss you.

What about you? Has your friends list changed this election season or are you taking a much-needed social media break?


  1. I certainly agree with your views on the subject of unfriending people. I usually just unfollow someone who posts something that I don’t want to see in my newsfeed.


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