Best Family Friendly Breweries in and Around Denver


Ahhh, fall in Denver. The sun is shining, but I’m not sweating my mascara off, the kids are settled in school, the air is crisp but still warm . . .  Does it get much better than this? Patio season in the Mile High City is still in full swing, at least if you stay in the sunshine. Lifetimes ago, my husband and I spent many evenings checking out the trendy microbreweries around town, sampling their seasonal offerings, and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Things have changed a little . . . the hours that we venture to these fine establishments may be slightly altered, and the pup in tow has transformed into three accompanied minors, but we don’t let our children stop us from enjoying a beer or two in public. And not just a beer . . . a GOOD beer . . . a GOOD, LOCAL beer. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. 

Now, don’t go all “Sweet Home Alabama” on me, this isn’t a “baby in a bar” type of situation. We live in a city where parents get dirty looks for not being shut-ins, and many local breweries actually WELCOME kiddos and even have activities for them! 

Family-Friendly Local Breweries Around DenverHere are the things I look for in a family-friendly brewery 

  1. Good Beer
    This should be a given. If the beer is terrible, count me out. I’ll stay home and drink a good beer we bought at the store.
  2. Space
    I’m not saying there needs to be a jungle gym, but there’s a reason we didn’t go to a restaurant ids are expected to sit quietly with a three-pack of crayons and coverless water cup. Kids need a little space to play.
  3. Beverage Options 
    Breweries that offer non-alcoholic drink options besides water get extra points from us. The kiddos think having lemonade or a soda is a special treat, so we like that!
  4. Snacks
    Most parents know that leaving home with kids and without snacks is about as safe as letting your two-year-old take garden shears to your hair. So, we always pack snacks, but a place that has snacks in case we run out (or in case I like snacks too) is great! 
  5. Activities
    This one is also for bonus points. Some breweries offer yard games or other things for kids (and adults) to do. 

If you are looking for family-friendly places where kids and adults can both enjoy themselves, then look no further than one of Colorado’s corner breweries. So, grab your family or a group of girlfriends and check out some of our favorite local breweries!::

New Terrain Brewery | Golden
This brewery in Golden may top my list of favorites. There is a huge outdoor dining area with picnic tables as well as open space for hula hooping and chalk art creating. The beer is fantastic, they have their own hard seltzer, and there are always food trucks available. The brewery itself sits adjacent to trails, making for a great post-hike stop.  

Long Table Brewhouse | North Park Hill
This neighborhood spot in North Park Hill is another perfect place to venture to with the family. They have a fantastic kid and dog-friendly patio, kombucha on tap, and daily food trucks. The unique building was once home to a coffin manufacturing facility as well as a Piggly Wiggly! 

Sanitas | Boulder
Sanitas offers a large indoor and outdoor space, as well as games, sodas, and kombucha on tap. Their on-site taco truck is amazing, and their beer is delicious.

New Belgium Brewery | Fort Collins 
This Fort Collins mecca for beer enthusiasts not only offers award-winning brews, but also a very kid-friendly atmosphere with open spaces and lawn games galore. There are always new and exciting beers to check out, as well as rotating food trucks. 

Lone Tree Brewing | Lone Tree 
When I first stepped foot in this place, I couldn’t tell if it was a brewery or an indoor play gym where parents and kids met for playdates. This is definitely a family-friendly brewery. The beer is tasty, the games are plentiful, and the space is perfect to allow for unrestrained littles to roam within eyesight. There are rotating food trucks that pass through as well. 

Station 26 | North Denver
This was
the first of many family-friendly breweries we frequented with a baby in tow, and will therefore always hold a special place in my heart. Once again, there is a great indoor and outdoor space with rotating food trucks and consistently great beer. There is also a bluegrass brunch on the second Sunday of every month, which is a great way to enjoy some live music with the family.


Intersect Brewing | Fort Collins 
This is it if you’re looking for excellent beer and fantastic local food a family-friendly spot in Fort Collins. Intersect features great outdoor and indoor spaces and up to 18 beers on tap with seasonal and year-round offerings. We love that this independent, family-owned brewery was founded by a husband and wife team looking to teach their children about hard work and community! 

Looking for more family-friendly local breweries around Denver? Check out this post.

What are your favorite family-friendly breweries in and around Denver? 

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Jaimelyn is a mom of three boys all under the age of four. Originally from the Midwest, Jaimelyn moved to CO in 2009. She and her high school sweet heart decided to plant roots in Colorado to be closer to the mountains and all that they offer. In addition to raising her small army of wild boys, she enjoys teaching yoga and working as a social worker for children and families dealing with anxiety. She enjoys hiking, running and skiing, as well and good food, wine, coffee, music and company. She is a terrible driver and speller, and increasingly forgetful. Prior to children, she once enjoyed traveling, having free time, and sleeping. Between the three boys and two rescue dogs, she stays busy teetering on the edge of insanity and writing about it for other mammas to read! Connect with Jaimelyn on Facebook at Jaimelyn Roets or Instagram @jaimelynmarie


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