Top 10 ‘Must Haves’ for New Baby


Registry lists are great for essentials, but no matter how much research you do, it’s hard to know exactly what you will need. I never dreamed that a 6 pound human would need so much ‘stuff.’

Here are my top 10 items that I could not live without, the first 3 months.

New Baby Items Collage1. Boppy Newborn Lounger or Leachco Newborn Podster This the item that I most often recommend to friends. Newborns fit into these perfectly — they’re great for naps, very portable, and just an overall great spot to park your kiddo while you’re fixing dinner, talking to them, feeding them if your arm is tired…the list could go on.

2. The First Years Bottle Warmer There are many options for bottle warmers, but just buy this one. You won’t regret it. I purchased this warmer after 4 months of waiting what seemed like FOREVER for a bottle to warm. Meanwhile, my son was screaming and I’m losing my mind. This steam warmer is so easy to use and warms evenly to the perfect temp every time. Another plus is that it has a built in cooler which is perfect for storing bottles for night feedings, and can even warm baby food jars and sterilize pacifiers!

3. Stability Ball {65 cm} – After hearing a number of other new moms praise the relaxation powers of gently bouncing on a basic stability ball while cradling their little ones, I had to give it a try. I mean, once you’ve tried EVERYTHING else, a giant bouncy ball usually used for exercise or maybe recently named the “birth ball” at your house seems like a problem solver as much as anything! Sure enough, the repetitious movement rocked my boy right to sleep when he was tired, and calmed him down when he was fussy – INSTANTLY.

4. Fisher Price Auto Rock ‘n Play A few friends told me to get this, but I thought “nahhhhh.” Well thank goodness for the neighbor who let me try out hers, because this magic cradle was just that, magic! It’s easy to move and great if you need to nap your child at someone else’s house. And because of my son’s reflux and love to be cozy and enclosed when sleeping, he slept in this for a couple of months. I would splurge for the version that rocks automatically.

5. Halo SleepSack Swaddle We all know that most newborns love to be swaddled. When I was in the hospital, I had every nurse show me how to swaddle…and I still could not master it. My “Houdini” squirmed his way out of my masterpieces, every time. The Halo SleepSack is great for those wiggle worms, and their swaddle-challenged caregivers. It’s easy to use, comes in fleece or cotton for different temperatures, and leaves their legs with room to move. Once your swaddle loving little one is ready to transition from the cocoon of comfort, I recommend the next item…

6. Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit This sleep suit changed our lives. It’s what helped my son start sleeping through the night. Best. Purchase. Ever. — GAME CHANGER! He went from waking twice a night to eat PLUS pacifier wake ups, to one feed a night and fewer pacifier wake ups, to sleeping through the night in two weeks! The suit also reduces his movement when he startles, and keeps him sleeping. Additional benefit: this suit will provide you with endless movie references and nicknames… Space Suit, Marshmallow Man, ‘The boy from A Christmas Story’…I’ll stop now.

7. Cloud B Sleep Sheep {or Giraffe} – This cute little sound machine makes 4-8 different soothing sounds (including white noise) and can attach to car seats, strollers, cribs…anywhere! It’s perfect to take on the go when you know your child will need to be soothed to sleep somewhere other than their crib. Plus it’s cute and cuddly, so eventually it becomes a favorite stuffed animal.

8. Quality Glider/ Rocking Chair If there’s one thing I recommend splurging on as a new mom, it’s a great glider. My first chair was a beautiful Craiglist find from Pottery Barn, but I made the mistake of buying one that was just a rocker, not a glider. After selling that chair when my son was 1 month old, I bought this glider/recliner from Babies R Us. The recliner is great for when your baby will sleep nowhere but on you, so you can be comfortable and maybe catch a snooze! The best part is, you will use this for years, and it’s nice enough to move to a living room once you’re done with it in the nursery.

9. Hands Free Pumping Bra I’m crazy. I went 5 months without this. And I pump at work. This bra is life changing! Instead of sitting at my kitchen counter or desk holding onto the pump parts, now I can work, type, unload my dishwasher, make coffee and entertain a baby. You definitely resemble a creature from Austin Powers, but it’s essential for being able to multitask throughout the day.

10. Chatbooks It’s absolutely necessary to take 50+ pictures of your child(ren) everyday, right?! Nobody has time to develop or scrapbook them, and you soon end up getting asked, “You have HOW MANY photos on your Phone?!” Use those long nursing sessions to make a photo album with this app– there is no easier way to turn your digital pictures into a photo book – I promise! You simply drop the photos in from the photo album on your phone, create captions, and wait for your book to arrive! I make one monthly for my son, with all the cute photos I take of him, people LOVE looking through them, and they are great gifts for grandparents too.

I’m sneaking in a #11 – Amazon Prime Membership. When a friend would tell me ‘oh the K’tan carrier puts my kid to sleep in minutes,’ then BAM! it was purchased on Amazon and at my door 2 days later. Didn’t work like you had hoped? BAM! Instant return and refund. My babysitter laughs at me because I have a package arrive almost daily from Amazon. But get real, who really has time to run errands everyday with a baby? But you do have time to shop online during a 2am feeding.

What other items were your ‘must-haves’ for newborns?

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Jackie M. is mom to an adorable little boy, wife to David and dog-mom to the cutest German Shepherd around. She is an allergy mom, learning to navigate the various trials and tribulations ‘mom status’ brings to life. The good, the bad, and of course, the sometimes slightly ugly. In Jackie’s other life, she is the Marketing and Communications Director for a local Country Club. Jackie is ‘Miss DIY’ and has an Etsy shop {Fancy Flamingo} where she makes custom banners for life’s special occasions. Born and raised in the Midwest, Jackie is originally from Kansas City. She has called Colorado home since 2008, and loves experiencing all that this amazing state has to offer! A few or Jackie's favorite things include caramel lattes, clothes from Loft, M&Ms, a well organized craft room, taking too many pictures, exploring Colorado and the great outdoors, her husband’s cooking, and of course, the occasional time that she can spend on the couch.


  1. Cute post. I had to comment because I have items 2 through 9, either the exact version or something very similar. I try to be practical and only buy the things I need, so I figure your list of “must haves” is pretty dead on! I just bought Merlin’s Magic Suit (I found your post looking for reviews), so I can’t vouch for this item yet but my fingers are crossed. I’m off to check out Chatbooks, because it’s the one other thing I’ve never tried!!

    • Thanks for the comment, Jill! I love that we have similar tastes on our ‘must haves’. I just gave my Merlin Magic Sleepsuit to a neighbor with a 2 month old, and she has had record sleep stretches the past 3 nights! Hoping you have the same results. And I can’t say enough about Chatbooks. I just LOVE them. You can also login through a computer and upload photos/add captions…sometimes that’s easier working off of a larger screen 🙂

  2. Great post! I agree with all of those items!! We got a great glider but it doesn’t recline and that sucks when the baby will only sleep in your arms. The Merlin Magic Sleep Suit and the Rock n Play were so helpful in getting William to sleep through the night. Thanks for the tip on Chatbooks – I just downloaded it and can’t wait to try it out!


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