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Choosing a labor and delivery hospital can be a very daunting task. As a new mom, I did not know exactly what to look for, and all the different options were a little overwhelming! In the Denver Metro Area, we are so lucky to have tons of amazing hospitals- from small to big, and even with many different birthing options and rooms. The question is: which one is right for you?

1. University of Colorado Hospital

The University of Colorado Hospital has some of the top obstetric doctors in the country as well as a unique midwifery program, so patients have a myriad of birthing options. Families may choose to upgrade to a private suite for the delivery of their baby, complete with a private chef, king-sized bed, living room area, and more. Patients of the Center for Midwifery may opt for a water birth in the hospital.

2. Rose Medical Center

Rose Medical Center Pregnancy and Childbirth center boasts the best hospital staff combined with luxurious amenities to ensure your pregnancy and birthing experience is as comforting, informative and seamless as possible. Rose welcomes almost 4,000 babies per year and strives to give families their ideal birthing experience.

3. Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center

The Family Birthplace at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center provides a rare partnership between obstetrics and pediatric specialists that does not exist anyplace else in the entire region. Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL are housed under one roof, ensuring a safe and healthy delivery. If your child should need a higher level of care, the 84 beds in the Level IV NICU are there for you.

4. Lutheran Medical Center

The modern facility at Lutheran Medical Center Birth Center provides the utmost comfort for families, including jetted tubs, comfortable sleeping accommodations for Dad, and restaurant-quality food delivered straight to your birthing rooms. Lutheran Medical Center also has a Level IIIA NICU and Children’s Hospital Urgent Care on-site, which means that babies born prematurely or needing a little help after their arrival can receive the best care without being transferred.

5. Saint Joseph Hospital

Voted Colorado’s top baby hospital in 2015, Saint Joseph Hospital is designed specifically for new moms and babies. With 18 expansive labor and delivery rooms with large jetted tubs, a dedicated elevator that goes directly to the floor, and 42 private rooms that serve as a home away from home after childbirth, Saint Joseph Hospital is a great place for families.

Other great labor and delivery hospitals:

Denver Health Medical Center

Parker Adventist Hospital

Sky Ridge Medical Center

Littleton Adventist Hospital

St. Anthony North Health Campus

Craig Hospital

North Suburban Medical Center

For more information on hospitals in the Denver Metro Area, reference this list from US News & World Report- Health- Best Hospitals in Denver, CO.

Where did you deliver your baby? What kind of experience did you have? Do you have a great recommendation for a labor and delivery hospital in the Denver Metro Area? Share with us!

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  1. I had my son at north suburban, and I had THE BEST care. Every single person I met was wonderful. My labor and delivery and postpartum care was superb. I couldn’t have imagined a better experience!!!

  2. I started at Mountain Midwifery with my first and was transferred to Swedish for the actual deliver as Baby #1 did not want to come out. I had the Doctor at Swedish the MMC works with for aversions so delivery was still unmedicated vaginal birth. My midwife came along and I think that made all the difference to me. She was amazing and was really the coach and director of the experience. We were discharged within 24 hours which was also important. Food at Swedish in 2011 was not great. Had baby #2 with University Hospital Midwives this past November and the experience was fine. Big labor and delivery room, but no one told me you had to put a deposit on a birthing tub ahead of time. L and d was only 2.5 hours with #2 so they wouldn’t have had time to get it set up. Personally I love the midwifery model in general. The Midwives are strong, supportive and also comforting. I feel like it’s less about where you deliver though. More important is the connection you have with the providers you see throughout the pregnancy and the level of confidence they have in you to have the L & D experience you desire.

  3. I’ve delivered at Rose and it was incredible. I’ve delivered at University and would never do it again. In fact I’d highly discourage against delivering at this hospital. It’s all personal preference!

  4. Where you deliver and your support team make all the difference in the world in your birth experience. I had a doula with all 3 births and they are invaluable resources during birth.
    We are lucky to have a center like Mountain Midwifery in the Denver area.

  5. I delivered at PSL, with medical staff, AND a doula present. It was wonderful to be able to stick as closely to my birth plan as possible, but know that the doctors and nurses were there when we ended up needing them due to unforeseen complications

  6. I delivered my first at Swedish Medical Center which also has a Level IV NICU and recently underwent a beautiful remodel of it’s L&D floor. I delivered my second at Mountain Midwifery Birth Center, which I highly recommend for women who desire an unmedicated birth in a home-like environment. If I have a third, I would deliver at Mountain Midwifery again in a heartbeat!


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