Thank You: An open letter to my best friend


Hi Friend,

We don’t talk as much as we used to and I miss you. I know that the pendulum will swing back again and there is so much comfort in that. Life has kept us busier than usual right now, so I wanted to tell you “thank you” and to let you know how much I appreciate our friendship.

thank you hugs

It’s crazy how parallel our lives have been since almost the day we met. We seem to share the same ebbs and flows of life. When you struggle, I struggle. When life is good, it’s good for us both. Our kids are close in age, almost the same ages apart, and two even share the same birthday month (and even year! That was awesome sharing that experience with you). That little guy that was born in January of 2012 is why I’m writing you this letter…

Thank you.

I appreciate you always understanding why we couldn’t go to a certain event because my kiddo couldn’t handle it. Maybe it was the noise, the crowd, or the unfamiliarity of the place. Whatever it was, we knew it would likely end in someone breaking down and us having to leave. Thank you for understanding when we did try and we did have to leave.

Also, I am grateful that you never judged me or my parenting. You knew that laughing was the way to keep me from breaking down into tears of sadness. I appreciate you not caring if I had my hair done, or makeup on, or clean clothes and I appreciate the fact that you could join me in my mess. Never once did I feel our friendship was based on anything but honesty, caring, and support. I know that if I come to you with my crap, you will help me wade through it.

Thank you for always listening to my struggles and walking me through tough solutions. You have cared about and loved my kids like they were your own, no matter how they acted. You have listened to my angst at the world and how it treats those with disabilities and you have encouraged me to take a stand and fight for what I believe in. Most of all, thank you for treating my autistic son like every other child you meet and for ALWAYS supporting our journey and our advocacy. My heart rests easier with you in my corner.

boy looking at statue
Photo Credit: Salvatore Photography

I value our friendship with all my heart.

I hope I have given you all you have given me throughout our friendship. I hope you understand how safe you make me feel knowing that I can count on you if I need to, no matter what. You have been with me through my absolute darkest times and I want you to know I truly don’t think I would have made it through without you. Thank you for being you.



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