Allie R

Allie is a Denver transplant from the frozen tundra known as Wisconsin. She and her husband have loved building a life here in the Metro area and are the parents to two great kids: a sweet and rambunctious toddler boy and newborn baby daughter. As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Education and English/Language Arts, she is passionate about teaching kids to love learning (and especially books!). She's a self-proclaimed "bookworm" and is set to launch Stacks and Shelves- a blog with all sorts of bookish recommendations in the coming months. Aside from mothering, Allie is involved with her awesome church, loves girls' nights and iced coffee, and binge watching Netflix with her husband after the parenting torture known as the bedtime routine commences for the evening. Twitter: @allierasmussen Instagram: @allierasmussen1

Rainy (or Snowy) Day Activities to try this Spring

One of the aspects of Denver living that I have had to get used to are the unpredictable springs; or "sprinters," as I've heard them affectionately referred to. Our entryway is a conglomeration...

Fun Metro Area Libraries for Kids

Is there anything better than the public library when you have small kids? You have access to free, high quality books and movies, they have loads of programs, and many have play areas for...

Tips and Tricks for Reading With Your Toddler

  Okay, book loving moms of toddlers . . .   I know you had idyllic dreams in your head of curling up with books for hours minutes on end with your children. For the...

When your Kid Stops Napping: Quiet Time Resources

There comes a day in every child's life where they stop taking daily naps. We don't know when it will strike, and we dread the day it will. We don't know how much peace...

City and Mountain Summer Day Trip Ideas

The best part about living in Colorado is that we live in a vacation destination! Summer is a great time for friends and family to come visit. If you have visitors coming into town, or...

Summer Fun Idea: A Backyard Movie Night

Last summer, we moved into a new home. When we saw that we we had an upper level deck, I immediately envisioned a good old fashioned movie night in the backyard.  That July, we picked...

Swimming to Success with SafeSplash Swim School

Taking your child to swimming lessons is a parenthood rite of passage. We've dabbled a bit in the swim lesson arena before with our oldest son. First up was a parent/tot swim class at a...

More than Morning Sickness: My Experience With HG

"I can't give you an IV here, so I want you to go to an E.R. If I had an IV, I would stick it in right now myself. Sometimes women get something called...

Winter Denver Date Experiences

Before kids, and before we were even dating, my spouse and I were friends. Too often, it feels like we are now just co-parents, ships in the night. When we go out on dates,...

Surviving Sick Season

‘Tis the season for twinkling lights, carols, and sickness. As I write this, one child is getting over a cold, the other was up all night puking, and I have strep. Sigh. I’ve already...
Do Something | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Just Do Something: Letting go of “let me know if I can do anything!”

We've all said it or heard it said when we hear of a friend going through a hard time: "Let me know if I can do anything!" People say it with the very best of intentions,...
Denver Guide to Cutting Down a Christmas Tree

A Guide to Cutting Down Your Own Colorado Christmas Tree

I know, I know, it's barely fall. The leaves have just changed. I'm totally against the commercialized "let's all jump on the next season/holiday two months in advance" phenomenon, and I DO NOT play Christmas music...

On Being a One-Car Family

For the entire length of our married life so far (7.5 years), we have been a one-car family. It just happened to work that way. We were co-workers for the first few years of...

Best “Back to School” Books for Starting School

Last year we entered the world of backpacks, school supplies, and the get-to-school hustle. It was only a two day a week preschool, which my son will continue this coming year, but it was...