Amy L

but a southern girl at heart. She married a Tennessee man with an accent to match and they’re parents to a snuggly toddler who prefers face smushes as his form of affection. As an Early Childhood Special Education teacher by day, Amy now enjoys experiencing the wonders of child development through the eyes of a mom as well as a teacher! Amy is a talented photographer and entrepreneur with her own photography business, Amy Melissa Photography which specializes in lifestyle, newborn, and motherhood photography. Outside of her family, Amy’s other loves include Starbucks Mocha Frappuccinos, a long walk or run with the babe in the jogger, exploring the city, dates with friends, and eating entirely too many sweets

Smart-Phone Photography Tips for On-the-Go Moms

Except for a few holdouts, it seems that just about everybody has a smart phone these days.  I’m an extremely loyal iPhone user.  I love all that it can do!  Outside of the mapping...
Bottle Fed Baby | Denver Moms Blog

A Breastfeeding Journey:: Formula Feeding Mom

Just as our journeys to motherhood come in different forms, so do our journeys through motherhood.  Sometimes everything goes as planned; you get the pregnancy and delivery you want and plans you made for your baby...
Too Many Pictures on Your Phone | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Wait, You have HOW Many Pictures on Your Phone??

Yup, this was me last week after becoming frustrated with my iPhone’s poor performance as of late. After a simple suggestion of “cleaning up” my phone and doing an update, I had to answer...

I Gave My Kid a Box…

A couple months ago my little man graduated to a big boy car seat, which meant that we had a large box available for him to play with to his heart’s content. He loved...

To the Mom Whose Heart I Broke {Autism Awareness and Early Intervention}

To the Mom whose heart I broke, I want to say thank you and I’m so very sorry. Thank you for continuing to make me better at who I am and what I do;...