Carla Fisher


Do I Want to Have “Nice” Kids?

Last week the whole family was hiking at Red Rocks. When we paused for a break behind the Trading Post, my older boys went over to check out the koi pond. By the time...

How I Keep Myself From SNAPPING at My Kids (Sometimes)

Usually when I feel myself losing my schmidt as a mom, it's because both kids are pushing me to the brink in a very methodical but lightning fast way. Things were going great two, maybe three...

The Twelve Steps of a Brother Fight in Our House (Ages 6 and 8)

My two oldest boys are two and half years apart and are truly the best of friends. The kind of friends who disagree much of the time and generally have a legit smack down...

My Four Steps to Curb Cell Phone Addiction

Confession: cell phones terrify me. The thoughts of how our habits as a civilization are shifting and might impact all of us, but particularly our children, overwhelm me enough that I usually don't go into...
What's the Deal with Meditation?

The M Word: What’s the deal with Meditation?

Uggh. "Meditation." I always thought it sounded so pretentious, not really knowing anything about it. Then I believed: either people were striving to see all these trippy, fantastical images, so they were no better than...