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Baby-Friendly Matters Birth Breastfeeding

Why A Baby-Friendly Designation Matters

Every family wants to make the best choices for their baby. Deciding how to feed their newborn is a very personal choice for moms. In Colorado, over 90 percent of moms choose to breastfeed....
pregnant woman

Help! My Abs Split During Pregnancy, Now What? :: Navigating Postpartum Abdominal Separation

It’s no secret that women’s bodies go through a lot of changes during and after pregnancy. Some of these changes can be quite fun (strong nails and hair for the win) while others are...
Easter Egg Hunts Around Denver

2019 Guide To Easter Egg Hunts Around Denver

Who doesn't love a good Easter egg hunt? Grab your favorite Easter basket and head out to one of these egg hunts around the Denver metro area! Stapleton Egg Scramble Date: Saturday, April 13th Time: 10:00 am The...

When a Tiny Magnet Becomes a Parent’s Worst Nightmare

When two-year-old Izadore started throwing up on a Friday night in early February, his mom, Alistair, assumed he’d caught a stomach virus. Just a few weeks prior, Izadore, who goes by Izzy, had been...
birthday party guide

Guide to Denver Area Birthday Parties

Click HERE to see our mom-approved list of the best Denver Area Birthday Party Venues and Vendors
Colorado Connections Academy Online School | Denver Moms Blog

Skating into Online School—Why My Family Made the Switch

The day my daughter, Melanie, put on her first pair of ice skates there was no turning back. Just three years ago she was a beginner, as she’ll tell you “clinging to the walls”....
Cold and Flu Remedies Pregnant and Nursing

Best Cold & Flu Remedies for Pregnant and Nursing Moms

Cold and flu season is upon us. As the weather turns colder, we’re more likely to catch a cold or get the flu virus. Unfortunately, nearly no one escapes the viruses going around, including...
Tonsillitis and Sleep Apnea

Don’t Ignore Your Child’s Snores — It Could Be A Sign of Enlarged Tonsils

Most parents know that the main symptoms of tonsillitis in children are swollen tonsils, sore throat and painful swallowing. But did you know that your child’s tonsils could also affect their sleep patterns? Children who...
Be Inspired: 7 Mom-Instagram Accounts to Follow Today | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Be Inspired: 7 Mom-Instagram Accounts to Follow Today

From cooking, to keeping your toddlers active, to fashion, to elevating women’s voices, here are a selection of Mom-powered Instagram accounts that you need to follow today! As the old saying goes, “it takes...
Adenovirus Questions Answered : Denver Moms Blog

6 Common Questions about Adenovirus Answered

Adenovirus has made headlines recently after 30 children (at the time of this writing) died following an outbreak of the virus at a New Jersey pediatric rehabilitation center. Here are some answers to a few...
Kidney Stones and Hypertension in Children

Hypertension and Kidney Stones – Surprising Health Problems On the Rise in Children

The idea of a child having a kidney stone or hypertension seems unbelievable for most people. We think of kidney stones and high blood pressure as health issues we don't need to worry about...
No, It Isn't Harmless:: What I didn't know about teen vaping | Denver Moms Blog

No, It Isn’t Harmless:: What I didn’t know about teen vaping . . .

I like to think of myself as relatively in the loop on what the "kids these days" are up to. Not because I have children old enough to be considered part of that group,...
Ultimate Guide Fall in Denver 2018 | Denver Moms Blog

2018 Ultimate Guide to Fall Events and Halloween Fun Around Denver

The crisp days of fall are here, bringing all the wonderful fall events and activities that we love this time of year! So, grab your pumpkin spice latte and check out our 2018 Ultimate...

Best Trick or Treating Around the Denver Area

Halloween means the activity our children look forward to year round is here -- trick or treating! Costumes, candy, fun, and maybe a few tricks can be found at these fun events around the Denver...