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Are Fall and Winter Swim Lessons Really Worth It?

Fall schedules are full of drop offs, pickups, endless activities, and figuring out who is going to be where and at what time. Compared to the seemingly lazy days of summer, fall is more...
Know Where to Go When Your Child Has a Head Injury - Concussion | Denver Moms Blog

Know Where to Go When A Child Has a Head Injury

As parents, we watch our children fall down and get back up countless times in their lives. The majority of the time, an ice pack and some TLC are all that’s needed to help...
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August is National Eye Exam Month

Millions of children under the age of 18 wear eyeglasses, but new research indicates that half of U.S. parents do not bring their children in for a back-to-school eye exam. Poor vision can affect...
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Mama Doesn’t Pee Her Pants Anymore (I am the Queen of my Castle)

It's official, I am the MASTER of my Domain, the Lord of the Manor, the Queen of the Castle. That's right, this mama doesn't pee her pants anymore! I don't have to worry about...

Head Back to School with Children’s Learning Adventure!

Ready or not, Back to School will be here before we know it!!! Get prepared for a great school year by choosing the best education and child care for your little ones! Come check...
2018 Summer Festivals Fairs Denver

2017 Guide to Festivals and Fairs

There is no shortage of festivals and fairs in the Denver Metro area in the summer!  -- Whether you're excited about getting your Renaissance on, checking out chalk art, or cheering on the Dragon...

Taking Back Control:: Mommy Doesn’t Pee Her Pants Anymore

Date night, at last! There I was, sitting across the table from my handsome husband, nice glass of wine in hand, full evening of kid-free adult conversation ahead of us. We had no baby,...
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Denver Swim Lessons Guide 2017

Summertime means pool parties and family fun days at the local swimming pool - are your kids ready to swim? The Denver Metro area offers an abundance of locations to take your children for swim lessons - year-round - and we've compiled the ultimate Guide to Swim Lessons for the Denver Metro area.

It Takes a Village: National Foster Care Month

A few short months ago, our family grew by ten finger and ten toes through foster care. It's our first placement, and it's been a whirlwind of emotions from day one. May is National...

A Real Mother’s Day Gift: Honesty & Support

Congratulations to all the new mamas out there celebrating your first Mother’s Day—or your first with your newest kiddo! As you celebrate Mother’s Day, consider having an honest discussion with that new mama in...

FAQS About Pregnancy and Varicose Veins

By Dr. James D. Albert of Albert Vein Institute (AVI), COLORADO’S VEIN SPECIALIST CAN I TREAT MY VARICOSE VEINS WHILE I AM PREGNANT?  Unfortunately, there is no safe treatment of varicose veins while you are pregnant. While...

Questions About Marijuana While Pregnant and Nursing

Ah, motherhood.  The things we give up for these little human beings. When you're pregnant, there are a multitude of things you aren't supposed to consume - goodbye alcohol, deli meats, and most medicines. While nursing gives...

Maternal Morbidity is a Serious Issue, Even Today

Surprisingly, maternal mortality is a newsworthy topic right now in our country. While globally, maternal deaths are decreasing thanks to improvements in infection prevention and other precautions, in the United States, maternal deaths are...

Conquer the Continental Divide: Kids Ski Free with the Rocky Mountain Super Pass

Spring may be just a few weeks away, but before you know it, the kiddos will be recapping their memories from summer camp, school will be back in session, and you’ll be helping them decide...