Heather is a wife, mom, and writer. In her previous life, she worked with and for some of the largest international companies developing their marketing strategies. Now as a SAHM, she raises two adorable kids in Colorado. Her story continues to unfold with a writing and speaking ministry encouraging women to embrace their freedom. You can read more at www.heathervshore.com.
Finding Fitness - Tips for Every Mom

Finding Fitness – Balance Tips for Every Mom

I quit my career to stay home with my babies and left the things I knew to dedicate myself to my family and children. I decided that in "work-life balance," my work and life...

I’m Not a DIY Halloween Costume Mom

Has your child ever uttered the words, ‘Mama, will you make me a unicorn costume for Halloween?’ Say what? That cute face looking innocently at me wants me to make her a costume. My...
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Cancer With Kids: How to Be a Mom When You’re Sick

Back in January 2018, my life took a turn I didn't see coming. I went to the doctor feeling like my usual exhausted self and my endocrinologist said my thyroid nodules had grown. That's never...

Denver’s Best Splash Pads

Summertime is my favorite season in Colorado! There is so much to do and the weather is pretty much perfect. People move here to ski, but stay for the summer and all it has...
Getting Back into the Routine After a Mom's Weekend Away | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Getting Back into the Routine After a Mom’s Weekend Away

  After going on your Mom's Weekend Away, you'll come home to your people. They will be so excited to see you, but if you're anything like me, you'll be so tired that you may...
Mom's Weekend Away: Tips For Planning a Girls' Trip | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Mom’s Weekend Away: Tips For Planning a Girls’ Trip

Moms' weekends away are so impossible, you say? I'm here to tell you that not only are they possible, they are vital to your mental, social and emotional health. As I prepare for my yearly...
Friendship Lessons: What I want My Children to Know | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Friendship Lessons: What I Want My Children To Know

  Every time we go to the park, my son Harrison meets a new 'friend'. A couple of little boys we've met have actually enjoyed playing with Harrison. It's definitely been fun to watch, but also...
Guarding Our Kids Against Abuse | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Guarding Our Kids Against Abuse

Imagine being 18-years-old and contemplating suicide because of your high school relationship. You're about to go off to college, but can't seem to break away from the boyfriend who won't stop calling and texting you...
Potty Training Woes | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Potty Training Woes

Oh, potty training! Three words I dread. When it came time to potty train my kids, I thought it would be pretty straight forward. You pee and poop into the toilet. How hard could it be?...