Jackie M

Jackie M. is mom to an adorable little boy, wife to David and dog-mom to the cutest German Shepherd around. She is an allergy mom, learning to navigate the various trials and tribulations ‘mom status’ brings to life. The good, the bad, and of course, the sometimes slightly ugly. In Jackie’s other life, she is the Marketing and Communications Director for a local Country Club. Jackie is ‘Miss DIY’ and has an Etsy shop {Fancy Flamingo} where she makes custom banners for life’s special occasions. Born and raised in the Midwest, Jackie is originally from Kansas City. She has called Colorado home since 2008, and loves experiencing all that this amazing state has to offer! A few or Jackie's favorite things include caramel lattes, clothes from Loft, M&Ms, a well organized craft room, taking too many pictures, exploring Colorado and the great outdoors, her husband’s cooking, and of course, the occasional time that she can spend on the couch.

Father’s Day Gifts He Will Actually Enjoy

Men are often impossible to buy for, but we're here to make gift giving for the men in your life a little more fun. They really don't need much. Perhaps you want to get...

Our First Experience with the EpiPen: Food Allergy Awareness Week

Food Allergy Awareness week is May 14-20. Created in 1998 by the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (now known as FARE), Food Allergy Awareness Week is honored each May to shine a spotlight on...

Etsy Finds : The Mountain ‘Boy Cave’

Last year, I wrote about my dream Mountain Nursery, that I wish I had designed for my son. Well, self, it's not too late. Soon my son will be out of his crib, and...

My Second Momiversary : A Reflection of the Second Year

Another year has gone by... WE DID IT AGAIN! We survived the second year of parenthood, and our son survived a second year of our parenting. Read about our first year here. When I asked my husband...

How to Make Your Holidays Like ‘Christmas Vacation’

The holidays just aren’t the holidays without a little Christmas Vacation in your life. It’s a classic and my personal, all-time favorite movie. I can seriously quote the thing from beginning to end. Growing...
Food Allergy Mom - Dealing with the Diagnosis | DMMB

Food Allergy Mom – Dealing with the Diagnosis

A year ago, I would have heard the term ‘food allergy’ and probably would have shrugged it off. Never in a million years did I think I would have a child with food allergies....

Ten Days Alone – My Real Life Mom Fantasy

Last month, I got to live a real life mom fantasy. My husband took my 18-month-old to visit his family on the east coast for TEN DAYS. He left on Father’s Day, so he...

Father’s Day Gift Idea – DIY Shaving Balm

We're so excited our partners at Sprouts Farmers Market asked us to share a fabulous DIY Father's Day shaving balm recipe with you! Check it out, because we love it! Mom tested, dad approved. And...
How to Stitch Fix | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Stitch Fix : Tips and Tricks from a Stitch Fix Pro

Stitch Fix. If you haven't heard of it, please continue reading. If you have heard of it, I'm here to hook you for good. I use Stitch Fix for a variety of reasons. First, between...
Things Moms Do At Target | DMMB

Things Moms Do at Target

You don't have to be a mom to love and appreciate Target, but once you become a mom, you realize that a trip {alone} to Target is basically the equivalent to a vacation. It...

Etsy Finds: Spring Things to Brighten You and Your Home

As you have probably come to find, and will continue to see... I have this thing with Etsy. Etsy has something for mamas in every stage of life. This post is all about things...
Momiversary : A Reflection of the First Year | DMMB

My First Momiversary : A Reflection of the First Year

My child's first birthday is a big deal. No, he won't remember it and I probably should have just scheduled it during nap time. But to me, it's a celebration of survival. WE DID...
DIY Keepsake Ornament | Denver Metro Moms Blog

DIY :: Invitation Keepsake Ornament

In this day in age, we are surrounded by unique and adorable invitations and announcements via good 'ol snail mail. After my wedding in 2012, I was trying to find a way to create...

Dealing with Gender Disappointment

The topic of this post might offend some people. And I know that. But know that this post is being written as I sit beside my 10-month-old that I love more than anything. These...