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Jeni teaches communications at the University of Denver and is mom to two crazy, creative little girls, 8-year-old Evelyn, and 6-year-old Alice. Jeni loves to travel and is committed to taking her girls all over the world if she can help it, but having grown up in Colorado, knows she will always call it home. An introvert with a dry sense of humor, she is known to call it like she sees it - all with a smile on her face. Jeni writes about life as a working mom, the intersection of media and culture, and what it's like to raise girls in an age of constant scrutiny. You can find her at or on Twitter and Instagram.

B Session: Parenting Tasks I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anymore, Part II

In late 2015, I wrote about all of the parenting tasks I didn’t feel like doing anymore. Well it’s been 18 months or so, and guess what, I don’t have to do some of them...

Motherhood is Hard. It’s Okay to Say So.

A friend of mine often jokes that, as moms, we’re invisible. We’re at the grocery store. We’re at home making dinner. We’re in the office at school turning in forms. We’re at work, toting breast...

Business Travel and Single Parenting: How Not To Lose Your Mind

Working mom, check. Two young children, check. Little dog, check. Involved and helpful co-parent, check. Except for, you know, two weeks a month.  I am part of the lucky crew of moms whose partner, in...

To My Daughter On Your First Day of Kindergarten

Today, my love, is your first day of kindergarten. You will wear the new dress I bought you, excitedly. You will fight me as I struggle to pull your hair into a ponytail. You...
Top Denver Patios for Families | DMMB

Top Patios in Denver for Families

Spring has sprung in Denver! It’s beautiful out – and that means one thing. Patio time. Now there are patios, and then there are patios that are good for kids. Great drinking patios abound...

Deep Thoughts From an Insomniac Mom

Oh crap, she’s awake. Which one is that? I think it’s the four-year-old. I’m just going to lay here and hope he gets up with her. Okay good. She’ll go back to sleep, now I’ll...
Before 8am : Jeni | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Life Before 8am (Jeni)

“See and appreciate the significance in the mundane, in the everyday, in the fleeting. The big moments are important, but some of the best moments are the in-between ones.” – Karen Jacot Photography This is...

How To Make People Hate Your Kids

Remember before you had kids and you were all like "Oh, my kids are just going to adapt to my life, I'm not going to change for them, they'll just do what I do."...
Parent My Own Kids | Denver Metro Moms Blog

This Winter, I’ll Parent My Own Children

Ah. Shopping with children. It's fun, yes? Oh, that's right, it's not. To peruse Target uninterrupted is every mom's dream, yet we all know it rarely happens. A couple of weeks ago, it was a...

How To Cope When Your Kids Don’t Want You

Being a mom isn’t easy. Duh. You are reading a mom’s blog, meaning you are likely a mom, or will be a mom, or have a mom, or know a mom. So you know...

B-Session: Things I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anymore

Cutting grapes in half. Yes I know the plate trick. Also I don’t want to do that. I just don’t. So no more grapes for you until you are grown enough to chew your food...

How To Prepare For Your Toddler’s Surgery

Any parent will tell you that having a sick child, or child in pain, is pretty much the worst feeling in the world. You would give anything to be able to take that hurt...
Who Cares About Screen Time? | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Who Cares About a Little Screen Time?

I love living in a digital age. I think technology is absolutely amazing. The things we can do now are things our ancestors could never even have imagined. Things I couldn’t have even imagined...
#nomorebirthcontrol #familyplanning #vasectomy

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Getting a Vasectomy

There comes a time in life when you are done. Done having kids, done thinking about birth control, done being the one in charge of it all. Just done. And I am here to...