Jamie Reed

Jamie grew up two hours south of Denver in Canon City, Colorado. She now calls the edge of Westminster home with her husband, Tim, and two girls. Blogging the truth about motherhood is something that she finds rewarding and freeing. Her hope is that by sharing real stories about the ups and downs of motherhood that moms will know they aren’t alone on this rough​​ road.
Snow Day Activities

Snow Day Activities for Kids

So, is it just me, or does everyone love the idea of a snow day? No work, getting cozy, relaxing, and nothing on the to-do list except curling up with a good book or watching...
I Don't Tribe Well | Denver Metro Moms Blog

I Don’t “Tribe” Well

I don’t “tribe” well. Gasp! There, I said it. Really though, I don’t. In the last couple of years I have started to realized this about myself. Only recently have I decided it’s OK.  Let...
Tonsillectomy Recovery: Tips and Tricks I Wish I had Known | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Tonsillectomy Recovery: Tips and Tricks I Wish I had Known

Your little one needs a tonsillectomy, now what? How do you prepare for this? One of my daughters needed a tonsillectomy in March due to asthma and allergy-related symptoms, and I’ve created a list of...
2019 Guide to Denver-Area Free Days | Denver Metro Moms Blog

2019 Guide to Denver-Area Free Museum Days

The sun is rising a little earlier, and we are all itching to get out and play, but definitely not looking to break the bank on entertaining our little ones. If you're like us,...
Taking Care of Yourself Even When Life is in the Way | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Taking Care of Yourself Even When Life is in the Way

I woke up today in a bad mood. No, not bad - mad. I woke up mad. It became obvious that I wasn't taking care of myself.  Let me give you some background information. Right now...
Five lessons to teach your toddler to prepare them to be a teen, from a high school teacher | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Five Lessons to Teach Your Toddler to Prepare Them to be a Teen, From...

  Teenagers are mysterious creatures! I was baffled in my first few weeks as a high school teacher. I could not crack the teenage code. Until I quit looking at them as adults and saw...
Stay-at-home-mom to Working Mom Transition | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Stay at Home Mom to Working Mom Transition

What am I losing if I "abandon" my role as a stay-at-home-mom? Am I going to miss out on all the post-nap snuggles from my baby during her last year before kindergarten? What if...

Goals Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Every Saturday I get a recess from the stay-at-home-mom life and work at the golf course.  I drive the beverage cart. A job I loved prior to kids in our first year of marriage....

Three Free Summer Activities to Take Advantage of Now!

Summer is in full swing and I have yet to sign our girls up for any extracurricular activities. While I may still fit in a session of swim lessons somewhere, I want freedom! The...

Ten Must Haves for your Summer Diaper Bag and Vehicle

Summer is fast approaching, time to prep the good ol’ diaper bag! And by "bag," I of course mean backpack. It’s life changing. I’m not being dramatic. I really love this one. There is a...

The Struggle is Real: When you think you’re done having babies

Two days before my cycle is set to start and my bra fits a little tighter, I’m emotional and nauseous. Just like I do every month, I wonder if maybe my birth control didn’t...

Mom Bodies and Pre-Baby Jeans

Can I be honest with you? Post baby bodies are hard and really frustrating at times. My youngest had food allergies as an infant. This lead to several digestive issues for her. Which meant, as...

Tips and Tricks for Outings with Two Under Two

“Yes, we will have two kids in two years,” this adorable pregnant mama said to her friend at the library. She is beaming, kind of like this is a special club she is going...

Intention Without Expectation – Because I’m done with resolutions

The New Year has snuck in and I’m feeling less than motivated.  My social media accounts are filled with some super goal oriented friends. Their posts are dripping with energy. I am excited for them...