Jaimelyn is a mom of three boys all under the age of four. Originally from the Midwest, Jaimelyn moved to CO in 2009. She and her high school sweet heart decided to plant roots in Colorado to be closer to the mountains and all that they offer. In addition to raising her small army of wild boys, she enjoys teaching yoga and working as a social worker for children and families dealing with anxiety. She enjoys hiking, running and skiing, as well and good food, wine, coffee, music and company. She is a terrible driver and speller, and increasingly forgetful. Prior to children, she once enjoyed traveling, having free time, and sleeping. Between the three boys and two rescue dogs, she stays busy teetering on the edge of insanity and writing about it for other mammas to read! Connect with Jaimelyn on Facebook at Jaimelyn Roets or Instagram @jaimelynmarie
Working, Parenting, Teaching During a Pandemic - Denver Moms

Wearing Too Many Hats: Teaching, Zooming, and Parenting Through a Pandemic.

The clock reads 10:58am and I franticly rush to gather my phone and computer, along with some semblance of sanity and retreat into the farthest corner of my house for my 11am Zoom meeting....
Raising Boys: Lessons Learned from Life in the Trenches - Denver Moms

Raising Boys – Lessons Learned from Life in the Trenches

Booger-encrusted fingers, poop jokes, torn jeans, and constant lessons on where exactly to aim while peeing. It’s not exactly the old nursery rhyme about snips and snails and puppy dog tails, but around here...
Family-Friendly Local Breweries Around Denver

Best Family Friendly Breweries in and Around Denver

Ahhh, fall in Denver. The sun is shining, but I'm not sweating my mascara off, the kids are settled in school, the air is crisp but still warm . . .  Does it get...
Three Boys Under One Roof: The Real World Parenting Edition | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Three Boys Under One Roof: The Real World Parenting Edition

This is the true story of seven creatures, including two parents, two dogs, and three boys, living together under one roof. Find out what happens when one mom stops being polite, and starts getting...
Podcasts That Are Worth A Listen | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Podcasts That Are Worth A Listen

Podcasts are proof that no one uses their free time more efficiently than a working mother. When a resource as precious as time is limited, we have to be creative in how each waking...
Raising a Family Without Your Family: The Struggle is Real | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Raising a Family without your Family: The Struggle of Long-Distance Family Relationships

  Raising a family far from your own family is a challenging endeavor. Yet, this scenario is all too common among recent generations. In Wisconsin, wind chills dropped to negative 40 degrees last month. No...
A Love Letter to Four: Why Four-year-olds are the Best | Denver Metro Moms Blog

A Love Letter to FOUR

My first baby is turning 5 next month. FIVE. You guys, he’s basically off to college. Five years of motherhood is one of those monumental milestones that deserves a little more hype. I have had the...
Postpartum Truths

Postpartum Truths {the physical, mental, and emotional realities mothers face}

No doubt a woman’s body is completely and utterly fascinating and incredibly strong. After all, we create, nurture, and sustain life. But this does not mean that we are immune to the effects that...
A Farewell Letter to My Pump | Denver Metro Moms Blog

A Farewell Letter to My Pump

Dear Medela In Style® Advanced, Thank you for your service over the past four and a half years. I have been breastfeeding for 44 months. This means that for 44 months I have fed...
Third Child Problems | Denver Metro Moms Blog

#thirdchildproblems: the trials and tribulations a third child faces

Being the last baby in a family of three has its fair share of ups and downs. As our third child nears his first birthday, I’ve come to realize that there are certain luxuries...
The ABC's of toddlers | Denver Metro Moms Blog

The ABC’s of Toddlers

Toddlers. Terrible-twos. Trouble makers. Threenagers. Tots. Young children. This stage of childhood is overflowing with emotion, energy and excitement. No matter what sort of temperament your child has shown, this time period is bound...

The Importance of Leaning In: Pushing your Children to Face their Fears

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by stimulation, news stories of violence, and social comparisons, it is no surprise that anxiety in kids and teens is on the rise. In addition to...

The joy and sadness of being done with babies

I’ve heard that when women are ready to be done having babies, they “just know.” Before now, I never believed that I would come to that realization. My mind tends to rationalize everything to the...

Behind this Glass of Wine: A day in the life of a mom of...

It was a hard day. It’s been a hard winter. Having three kids under the age of four is no joke. To say I’m sleep deprived is an understatement. There's not enough of me...