Jessica is originally a Midwesterner, born & raised in the Chicago suburbs. After moving around the country a bit, she settled in Colorado with her family. She lives in Broomfield with her husband, Jeff, and sons William and Benjamin. Being a boy mom keeps her busy, but in her professional life, she works on fundraising events for a national non-profit organization. In her free time, she attempts to be outdoorsy, loves to cook, read and drink wine. And coffee, lots of coffee!
Pumpkin Spice Everything - Denver Moms

Pumpkin Spice Everything Around Denver

So, is it safe to say that we're all loving fall? Have you checked out our favorite area pumpkin patches yet and wandered through a corn maze or two? If you're like us, you...
Foodies Unite: Denver Date Spots for Any Time of Day | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Foodies Unite: Denver Date Spots for Any Time of Day

My husband and I are both foodies, but with two small boys, we don't get out very often. We head to the gym one night a week for a quick workout, but that’s not exactly...

Creative Denver Date Ideas For Every Couple

Need a creative Denver Area date idea to impress that special someone or spice things up?   Or maybe you're just looking for a great restaurant for dinner with your bae, check out some of our...
Valentine's Breakfasts Filled with Love | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Breakfasts Filled with Love

My kids and I love holidays. Any excuse to celebrate, decorate, and eat and we're all in. Valentine’s Day, or “Love Day”, in our house, is no exception. For us, it’s a day filled with...
New Year, New Hacks- How I’m Simplifying for 2019 | Denver Metro Moms Blog

New Year, New Hacks- How I’m Simplifying for 2019

Our home in a word for 2018- chaos!  All kinds of chaos.  Some is good- two crazy boys running around, coloring on any surface (appropriate or not).  Some is bad- school starts in 15...
Mamaste Me: This Mom's Journey Towards Finding My Calm | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Mamaste Me: This Mom’s Journey Towards Finding My Calm

Recently, I found myself in this place that you may recognize.  I had three full-time gigs: my day job, my mom job, and my “other duties as assigned” job.  I was always busy, volunteering...

A Million Memories to Share: Teaching My Son About Grandma

When I was a teenager, my Mom made me a blanket.  It was half really special, and half really embarrassing. (#mommysawkwardphase) It was one part patchwork quilt, and one part childhood memories.  She printed...
Camping With Kids | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Camping with Kids: Wild Weekends in the Wilderness

Before the boys were born, Jeff & I camped all the time. I am an awesome car camper and if you're looking for a fun, food-filled camping weekend in the wilderness somewhat close to...

Summer “Vacation”: Traveling with the littles

Picture this: No wifi, an oceanfront house with a million-dollar view, a week without being tied to your email. Sounds amazing, right? Vacation! All that is standing between you & this bliss is a...

Why So Sad, Mama? My struggle with postpartum depression

I knew quickly after my first son was born that something was wrong.  Not with him - he was perfect, minus a slightly crazy cone-shaped head that was his battle scar from a couple...

Planes, Trains, & Hot Wheels: My life as a traveling mom

When I had my first son, I very quickly realized that being a Mom is a full-time job in and of itself.  My husband still tells the story of the time when a girlfriend...