Kelly S

Kelly is a Denver NATIVE stay-at-home entrepreneurial mom to two little ones. She is a self described foodie and loves dining out, hosting dinner parties with great food and wine, and indulging in ice cream! Kelly balances her love of everything culinary with her gym habit, and enjoys her “me time” working on her fitness! This active mama never leaves home without baby wipes, and though you are likely to catch her in a local park, it won’t be one with lots of sand! When she’s not relishing sleepy cuddles and slobbery kisses, spending time with her husband, or pursuing her successful career as a Beautycounter consultant, Kelly can be found connecting with other moms within the world of mommy groups.

Denver Best Friend Dates

With my "Love letter to my Mommy Friends" on the brain, let's talk about friend dates, because why not take your best girlfriend on a date? If you're anything like me, it's time to...

A love letter to my mommy friends ….

Dear Mommy Friends, You come from all areas of my life and together you make up my community. A community in which I'll be forever grateful. I'm a better mom for your friendships. And through...

Baby Book Hacks

My college hobby of scrapbooking late into the night with girlfriends involved pouring over carefully thought out and crafted 'layouts,' aka scrapbooking pages. I spent a lot of time (and money) capturing fun memories...
Great Babysitter | Denver Metro Moms Blog

How to find (and keep) a GREAT babysitter

Having a fabulous babysitter is a game changer in the world of parenting. If you have one, you already know the comfort that comes with having a great babysitter. If you don't yet, you're...

Bribing as a Parenting Tool (aka: Sanity Saver)

I believe in bribing as an effective parenting tool. Yep, I said it. You may be more comfortable with the word "incentive" and that's fine. Same approach. Same effect. I sometimes bribe my kids. Well,...
Building Family Traditions | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Building Family Traditions (because they matter)

Yes, family traditions matter, even if they're small. Or silly. Or both. This time of year always brings out the fondest of memories from my childhood. Why? Because most of them are deeply rooted in holiday...
ABCs of Mamahood | Denver Metro Moms Blog

The ABCs of Mamahood

With the start of preschool, I spend my days entrenched in the alphabet - talking about and singing the ABCs all day. The sheer number of alphabet books amongst the shelves at the library...

3 Easy Halloween Parties for Kids

I love this time of year, not just because of the boots weather and a mild obsession with all things pumpkin, but because Halloween is nearly here! Thoughts of Halloween bring with them a...