Leah S

Leah is a mom two adorable kiddos; a three year old daughter and one year old son, and proud wife to Carey, Owner and President of Five Peaks Capital Group, based in Denver. When not working part time, she is busy at home with her two kids, trying new recipes, taking long strolls in Target on every single aisle (complete with coffee in hand), curled up on the couch with a nice glass of wine, practicing yoga, and now writing. She enjoys having a work-life balance, being able to work part-time within a passion of hers, and spending time with her babies. A true Denver native (third generation Denver-born!), she lived in Arizona for a few years after graduating from Colorado State University (Go Rams!) before returning home and never looking back.
Four Lessons in Four Years | DMMB

Four Lessons I’ve Learned The First Four Years

My daughter is turning four this month and it’s really given me some perspective. As a parent, your goal is to teach these little creatures to become functioning, self-sufficient, polite human beings. We teach...

When Only Children Raise Siblings – True Thoughts

My husband and I are only children.  Two peas in a pod, if you will, who have been blessed with two beautiful kids.  So now that I am in way over my head gracefully...

Local & Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is right around the corner (June 19th). After many years of giving similar gifts, or items that were only used once or twice,  I decided to research some different options to find...
Contingency Plan 101 | DMMB

Contingency Plan 101 : Because Emergencies DO Happen

It was like a horror show.  I was home alone on an ordinary Sunday with two kiddos; bubbly, happy, and full of life.  I thought I’d splurge and let them have a juice box,...
My Favorite Childhood Places to Take the Kids Now | DMMB

My Favorite Childhood Places to Take The Kids Now

I LOVE Denver and am a rare native in this wonderful city.  Since becoming a mom, I realized that many places that I have fond memories of as a child still exist today, three...

No More Children – The Emotional Side

On an ordinary Saturday afternoon a few weeks back, I started organizing the bins of my children's clothes I was preparing to sell and donate.  As I started going through this simple task on...
Life Before 8am : Leah | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Life Before 8AM {Leah S.}

"See and appreciate the significance in the mundane, in the everyday, in the fleeting. The big moments are important, but some of the best moments are the in-between ones." - Karen Jacot Photography I believe...
Fun and Simple DIY Valentines | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Fun and Simple DIY Valentines!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! What are you giving your special Valentine? Living in a Pinterest world, it can be intimidating to take on a new artsy project.  My crafting supplies consist of...
The Untold Certainties of Having Two Kids | DMMB

The Untold Certainties of Having Two Kids

My husband and I knew that we always wanted two kids relatively close in age. When we had our first, the amounts of advice and information we received was exponential. Strangers would stop me and...