Liz F

Mom to a 3 ½ year old boy and 16 month old girl/boy twins, Liz Fendell is a recovering perfectionist hailing from St. Louis. Her current aspirations are showering three times a week and keeping all three of her precious munchkins alive. She survives on her ability to laugh at herself and with her nearest and dearest. Her new mantra is, “I am enough” and believes a healthy dose of humility and grace can get her through anything. And if that doesn’t work there’s always Plan B: witness protection. She exercises when she can and has recently pondered strapping her Fitbit to her 3 ½ year old son. Surely that kid is reaching 10,000 steps per day! A full time stay-at-home mom and talented lifestyle photographer {at Liz Fendell Photography}; she is passionate about capturing both the ordinary and the extraordinary moments in her clients’ lives.

Vacationing Without Kids: How to Prepare Your Caregiver

So you’re going on vacation without the kids? Congratulations, you deserve this! Make the most of your time away and keep those phone calls from the babysitter to a minimum by getting organized...
No Time for Pinterest? Four Indoor Activities Kids Love | Denver Metro Moms Blog

No Time for Pinterest? Four Indoor Activities Kids Love

I'm not afraid to admit it; I love Pinterest, but here's the problem: I don't have time for Pinterest. Back in the day, before twins (B.T.), I made time for crafts. A...

Parenting a Child You Do Not Understand

We have all heard the phrase, “Opposites attract.” Many of us end up in long-term relationships with people who are different from us. We see the value in their views, and can appreciate the...
I am enough

Motherhood and the Double Dog Dare to be Perfect

I am enough. That is my new mantra. I am enough. It feels good to say out loud, like exhaling after you have been dared to hold your breathe as long as possible. Perfect parenting...
A Letter to the Fertile | Denver Metro Moms Blog

A Letter to the Fertile

Dear Fertile Friend, 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility. And while that is not you, it most certainly is your sister, your bestie, your neighbor, or your co-worker. Chances are you do not know...

Toddler Tested, Mother Approved Picture Books

I have always had a strong affinity for a great picture book. When I became a mom, I had such visions of grandeur about settling into my son’s bed after a long day, curling...