Lorissa B

As a beautifully ordinary, ​​wanna-be poet with her heart on her sleeve, Lorissa ​married right ​out of college. She and her new husband​ took themselves to Denver where rich with hope and student loans (read: young and broke)​ she put a counseling degree in her back pocket. With a heart tightly wound, she worked many years with children and families as a play therapist. ​Motherhood brought twin daughters and a surprise son all within 18 months and f​our years later she's still unraveling, in a good way. Lorissa founded The Well Sessions: a listening company, where she offers counseling over the phone. Additionally, she leads and participates in a local parent resource group, focused on supporting and educating parents toward connection and social change.
Hair - Do How - To {Simple Styles For Girls} | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Hair-Do How-To {Simple Styles for Girls}

My daughters both have long straight hair, and since I'm not exactly a hair stylist {read: I can do pony tails and barely french braid} I rely on an arsenal of simple, fast, and...
The Wear Everything Capsule Wardrobe {For Girls} | Denver Metro Moms Blog

The Wear Everything Wardrobe {For Girls}

Too many clothes makes life more stressful. Seriously, having too many items in your closet sets off a stress hormone reaction in your brain! Yep. We only wear 20% of the clothes in our...
Parenting U Turn Ahead | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Parenting U-Turn Ahead

Connected parenting has turned my life and the way I interact with my children around. I can't help sharing the resources that helped me so much! Here's a few compelling reasons why you'll...
Family Fun In Northeast Denver | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Family Fun in Northeast Denver

Along with it's unique city views and beautiful parks, the historic Northeast Denver area is an artistic, innovative, and energetic community. Let this list inspire your next family class or outing. The Craftsman & Apprentice (West...
Follow That Food Truck | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Follow That Food Truck!

Summer in Denver would not be complete without food trucks. These rolling restaurants keep every event spontaneous and exciting! Here's a few upcoming family friendly markets and food truck parks that feature a divine...

This is how it feels right NOW.

What is it about the hard times that makes them drip by at a snails pace while the easy times fleet away in a snap? Have you ever wished for a magical remote...

“Table for Five; Three Highchairs.” {Or, “Why Mother’s Day Doesn’t Work For Us”}

One of my best days as a mother was the day I decided that I am allowed to do {or not do} anything with my family in any way I want. So, for reasons...

5 Denver Playgrounds You’ve Never Heard Of

A good playground is everything when you have little ones at home to entertain. Now that it's officially springtime in Denver, why not try someplace new? Make your life easier and try out one...

Have Your Park and Eat It Too {Perfect Park/Coffee Shop Matches in Denver}

Not much beats a great trip to the playground here in Denver. But if there was one way to improve upon a family outing, it would have to be: dessert. Playing outside and having...

The End of Child Abuse Begins Here: A Meditation For Courage

{Treat others as they would like to be treated: The Platinum Rule ~ Tony Alessandra} A meditation for those who, bearing the emotional weight of insufficient childhoods, have closed up, stopped growing and ceased...