Melissa M

Melissa is an adventurer at heart, seeking to embrace the beauty and wildness of this life with her co-adventurer and husband of 8 years, Tom. When she’s not splashing in a mud puddle with her boys, ages 4 and 5, or cleaning the remains of a diaper gone awry from the hallway walls, Melissa works part-time as a Licensed Professional Counselor, striving to empower women through her practice, Rise and Shine Counseling. Give her a mountain and some free time and she’ll find a way to play, embracing every opportunity to run the trails, ski the slopes, and bike or hike the hills. A great day for Melissa would include a pre-dawn trail run, a cup (or maybe 3) of coffee, brushed teeth, some belly laughing with her boys, a little uninterrupted (what’s that?) time to read and write, and sharing in some good conversation over a glass of bold red wine with her hubby. Her faith, her people, and her sense of humor, carry her through the peaks and valleys of this life. She attempts to chronicle the journey over at her blog,

Honor Your Grief, Honor Their Growth: Navigating the heartache of your kids getting older

A friend of mine recently mourned out loud on Instagram about Summer coming to an end and her daughter getting ready to start Kindergarten in a few weeks. Her sadness was palpable as she...

Good Buy Gear: Buying and Selling Baby Gear Made Easy

Raise your hand if you . . . had no idea pre-babies how much gear comes along with those tiny little beings feel like your home is growing more cluttered with kids' stuff every...

Parenting Doesn’t Get Easier, But You Get Better

I remember when my boys were 3 and 2, or was it 2 and 1? I don’t know, it’s all a bit of a blur. But somewhere back in the day when they were...
Reopening the Breastaurant | DMMB

The Grand Re-Opening of the Breastaurant {and why I’m not excited about it}

It’s true, after an almost 4-year hiatus, my very own Breastaurant is set to re-open this month. I’ll likely be hosting a soft opening sometime in the next week. And while I have no doubt...

Dear Daughter: Hopes For My Unborn Baby Girl

Dear Daughter {affectionately known for now as Lovey}, As I wait for your arrival sometime next month, let me start by saying how excited I am to meet you. I fall asleep wondering what you'll...
Pregnancy in Your Forties : The Truth

Pregnancy in Your Forties: The Whole Truth

If you've ever read anything about pregnancy over 40, it probably discussed the reduced chances of conceiving and/or the risks of carrying a baby in your 40s, likely containing very valid points. But what...

The Emotional Rollercoaster: Pregnancy After Miscarriage

For us women, the child-bearing years are infused with every emotion imaginable - the pressure to start having kids when you're not yet ready; or the deep desire to have a baby, a desire...

Snack 911

I recently diagnosed myself with a new disorder, SDF, or Snack Distribution Fatigue. I mean, I just cannot keep up with my boys, ages 5 and 4, and their constant hunger. They eat and...
Come as you are to my home as it is | DMMB

Come As You Are, To My House As It Is

On an evening not too long ago, I looked at my calendar and realized that a friend who I hadn't spent a ton of time with was scheduled to come over the following morning....
Keeping Marriage Alive After Babies | DMMB

Love After The Fog {How We Kept Our Marriage Alive After Babies}

Someone recently asked me whether my husband and I had ever gone through a hard time in our marriage. I chuckled and said, "Oh yeah we did. We refer to it as, The Fog Year...
Mama, We Did A Lockdown Drill {And Why I'm Mad As Hell} | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Mama, We Did A Lockdown Drill {And Why I’m Mad As Hell}

My heart nearly stopped when I heard the words, "Mama, we did a lockdown drill." Just the thought of it makes me want to cry - a gaggle of 4-year-olds tucked into a ball under...
Easy Holiday Recipes | Denver Metro Moms Blog

4 Easy Holiday Recipes Everyone Will Love

The holidays are here and you may be pondering what to bring to that upcoming party. Or maybe you're trying to dream up the perfect gift for a teacher, co-worker, or friend. Look...

Lil’ Shredder in the Making – Skiing & Riding with Kids

The snow is falling in the high country and your dreams are filled with making turns in the white stuff. You might be contemplating when and how to get your little ones up on...

Goodbye Holiday Stress, Hello Meaning

  {Navigating the Holidays with Intentionality, Meaning, and Connection} Rewind to October 31st, and journey with me into my local liquor store. I ask the man inside where I can find their assortment of pumpkin beer....