Nollie B

Growing up on a ranch in South Dakota, Nollie longed to live in the city. She does enjoy the farm life but she likes what the city life has to offer! Denver is where she chose to move after leaving college and living in Africa. She absolutely loves Colorado. Nollie has a 5 year old daughter who keeps her pretty busy! She has been a single mom now for about 3 years, and is really thankful that it’s turned out that way.

Practical Ways to Save Money in Denver

I absolutely love saving money. Sometimes I spend my free time reading finance articles and different blogs about the subject, but one thing I have noticed is that articles sometimes fail to mention feasible...
We Are Getting a Divorce, Now What?! | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Well, We are Getting a Divorce. Now What?!

Surviving this chapter I was on a walk when I decided to end my marriage. I'd had enough of the emotional and physical abuse, and refused to expose myself and my daughter to the situation any longer. I...

How to Discipline that Preschooler of Yours

Yes, that' s a picture of my daughter's time out chair. Let’s be honest, the struggle is real. Children are many things all rolled into a wonderful ball of energy. What do you do when that little...