Sam(antha) Cronin is a former-Google-employee-turned-writer, #boymom of two and proud wifey to a professional soccer player... also named Sam(uel). She blogs about parenting, dream-chasing and her misadventures trying to balance the two at Come say aloha on Twitter or Instagram (@ladysamcronin).
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Swim Lessons Guide

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costume fears

Costume Fears and Toddler Tears

My toddler is cute. At least I think so. But do you know what else he is? Scared… no, TERRIFIED... of costumes. Also mascots. And face paint. And the Easter Bunny. And (obviously) Santa. And sometimes even Daddy’s shaving...

Deep Breaths in the Delirium

I want to talk about a place. I wish I could say it was a super VIP, exclusive place. It’s not. Not even a tiny bit. In fact, without knowing the vast majority of...
February Funk | DMMB

The February Funk

It’s that time of the year again. And by that I mean: February. For better or worse, the fresh, hope-filled pace of the new year is beginning to stabilize into a familiar, predictable rhythm that...