Shannon Mika

Shannon is a proud Denver native and a full-time working Mom with three boys…one his (aka #1), one hers (aka #2) , one theirs (aka #3)… #1 a product of divorce , #2 a product of a death and #3 the product of our marriage . . . one who can legally drink, one who wants to and a third who has just learned to read, her mom moments have spanned all phases! Her full time gig as the Director of Marketing and Communications for PERFECT TEETH occupies the bulk of her daytime hours which means nights are for homework, sports, PTO, laundry and supporting her hubby’s new businesses. When she’s not working, driving kids around or doing the typical mom thing, she writes, openly and honestly, mostly about motherhood. Sometimes it’s on this blog, but mainly on her own. As a lover of the outdoors, you’ll rarely find her sitting in front of her computer, usually it’s from her phone while sitting on the sidelines of a soccer game, camping, sitting by the pool or the beach and occasionally from bed. Through it all she talks ad nauseam about motherhood with other women, some of whom think she has all the answers. She’ll tell you, she doesn’t! But, she’s a firm believer that as different as moms are, they’re really not all that different. And most importantly, through it all – the joy, the heartbreak, the guilt, the laughs, the tears, the fear, the days we’re hanging by a thread, we’re all just doing the best we can! And most days…it’s good enough.
Oh Denver, How Do I Miss Thee? Let Me Count the Ways | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Oh Denver, How Do I Miss Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

As a fourth generation Coloradan, you can imagine the abject horror my family experienced when we announced we were moving our family, not just out of state, but out of the country. We loaded up...
I Grounded My Son From A Birthday Party... Here's Why I’m Glad I Did | Denver Metro Moms Blog

I Grounded My Son From A Birthday Party… Here’s Why I’m Glad I Did

Grounding kids is never easy. Recently my dear 10-year-old son was being a real peach, and by real peach I mean anything but. The back talk was incessant, the attitude constant, and my fuse...
13 Ways To Get Your Reluctant Reader Reading | Denver Metro Moms Blog

13 Ways To Get Your Reluctant Reader Reading

A reader- I've always been one, and I'm sure I always will be. I've always envisioned that my love of reading would carry on to my boys. I've read to my kids since the...
Life Lessons Learned at the Changing Table | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Life Lessons Learned At (Or Near) The Changing Table

A while back one of the women on my team walked into my office with that look on her face, that look that told me she had a story to tell. And it was...
Taking vacation without the kids

Why I Insist On Taking Vacation Without The Kids

I love a good vacation. Who doesn't? But we may not have the same definition of vacation. I'm not talking about the version with the kids. I'm talking about a real vacation; I'm talking...

My Son’s Classmate Has Two Moms and I’m Proud to Support Them!

I'll never forget the day my son turned to me and said, "Mom, did you know Joey has two moms?" Well, no, in fact (at that time) I did not. But let's be real,...

Putting Life In Perspective When The World Is Crumbling Around You

Imagine, your spouse is battling anxiety and hates his job, so he quits. You've lost a third of your income. Your teenager is being a teenager - testing all of the limits. Your company...
Two women with heads together

Why I’m Apologizing To Childless Women Everywhere

It dawned on me recently that I probably seem like an insensitive jerk sometimes. I promise, I'm not, I'm actually a very nice person, but I'm also completely and totally real when it comes...

What Happened When We Got Our Son A Wearable Tracker

With three boys spanning 14 years, it's not hard to believe our youngest thinks he's older than his actual years. And truth be told, in many ways, that's true. Not older, like his big...
Child having dental work done by pediatric dentist

Pediatric Dentist: Nice To Have Or Need To Have?

As a mom who works for a large, local dental organization, there is one question moms ask me all the time, "Do my kids need to see a pediatric dentist?" What better time to...

Why This Mama’s New Year’s Resolutions Include “More Girl Time”

What is it about being a mom that simply sucks the life out of you!? (Don't judge me. If you're being honest, I know you know that feeling, too.) Hey, I love my life....