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Non-toy Gift Ideas For Children | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Are you looking for a gift to give a child that is something other than just another toy that will discarded in a week or two? Toys are definitely fun and have their place in the lives of children, but there are so many other neat and interesting gifts that extend beyond the toy section, that I often find that some of these creative and outside the box ideas make the best gifts.

Here are a few gift ideas:

1. Time Telling Items

Calendars, watches, and alarm clocks make fun gifts for children! There are so many cute calendars featuring favorite characters. Watches are wonderful for children, as they also teach kids about time. Alarm clocks now double as night lights or piggy banks.

2. Kids Camera

A kids camera makes a fantastic gift, such as the kids camera by V-tech. It takes video and captures photos, is durable, and teaches young children how to practice photography and how to manage digital files.

3. Books

Educational and timeless, books make fantastic gifts. Give your favorite childhood book or a book that reminds you of the child. Add a personal message in the book for a special touch. Classics we love are Dr. Seuss books, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Curious George, and The Little Engine that Could. Check out Amazon for high-rated children’s books.

4. Magazine Subscriptions

Children love getting things in the mail just for them! My daughter loves her Highlights subscription, and it is fun for me to read it with her each month.

5. Dress Up Clothes

Dress up clothes are so fun! They inspire creativity and imagination. Some of our faves are super hero costumes, a chef outfit, and of course pretty dresses. This year I decided to give my daughter a trunk of dress up clothes. I found some of the costumes at Goodwill. Scarves, hats, props, shoes, and gloves all make fun dress up items.

6. Craft Supplies

Crayons, play-doh, craft paper, paint, brushes, and chalk are a few ideas for a child who loves to make art. I once received a gift of a pencil box filled with things like pencils, erasers, child scissors, a glue stick, and some other basics and it is one of our daily basics that we use!

7. Outdoor Supplies

For outdoorsy families, consider gifts like a fishing pole, lantern, sleeping bag, binoculars, or a nature collecting net to help encourage that love for the outdoors!

8. Games and Puzzles

Games and puzzles are awesome gifts that encourage social skills and get the family working together.

9. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments make amazing gifts. Recorders with a music book, small maracas, a keyboard, or a beginner guitar are gifts that have many educational benefits. Also consider CD’s with great music for kids.

10. Restaurant Gift Card

Does the child love ice cream or pizza? A gift card is a great way to treat the child and the parents, and create a memory! My daughter has received a couple of gift cards and really enjoyed putting hers away and choosing when to use it.

What are some non-toy gift ideas you have? What gifts have your children received that were special and long-lasting? Share with us!


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