Rediscover Adventure Through the Eyes of Your Child {Sponsored}


Once upon a time, if someone had mentioned the word “adventure,” plans for heli-skiing in British Columbia, backpacking the Colorado Trail, climbing fourteeners, or paddling class V rapids may have filled your mind. Or maybe not – perhaps you simply dreamt of that kind of adventure. And now that you have taken on the role of parent, you might think those dreams are over and true adventure is a thing of the past. I once thought that too, but think again. Just because you now have little ones in tow doesn’t mean that adventure will forever elude you.

Rediscovering Adventure Through the Eyes of Your Child | Denver Metro Moms BlogGetting outdoors with your child can slow you down just enough to experience the beauty and wildness of your surroundings on a whole new level. There is a joy so indescribable in witnessing your child climb up a rock he didn’t believe he could climb; a thrill in seeing her astonished reaction to a deer bounding up the hillside; a satisfaction in knowing you explored a new trail together, pushing through fatigue, finding your way, and creating lasting memories. When you allow yourself to see the outdoors through the eyes of your child, you will be challenged and you will be changed, and that my friends, is what I call adventure.

There are an abundance of trails waiting to be explored, rocks and mountains to climb, bugs and wildlife to be in awe of – so throw on your boots, pack your carrier with snacks, wipes, water, and sunscreen – and get out there! The adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you and your child. Are you ready?

Need some suggestions for starting small with these big adventures?

Regardless of the adventure you choose, getting outside and exploring this beautiful place we call home, will make memories that last a lifetime.

This post encouraging you to get outside and explore with your kids is sponsored by Cotopaxti – Gear for Good. Cotopaxi’s mission is to create, innovative outdoor products with the ultimate goal of funding sustainable poverty relief, moving people to do good, and inspiring adventure. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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Melissa is an adventurer at heart, seeking to embrace the beauty and wildness of this life with her co-adventurer and husband of 8 years, Tom. When she’s not splashing in a mud puddle with her boys, ages 4 and 5, or cleaning the remains of a diaper gone awry from the hallway walls, Melissa works part-time as a Licensed Professional Counselor, striving to empower women through her practice, Rise and Shine Counseling. Give her a mountain and some free time and she’ll find a way to play, embracing every opportunity to run the trails, ski the slopes, and bike or hike the hills. A great day for Melissa would include a pre-dawn trail run, a cup (or maybe 3) of coffee, brushed teeth, some belly laughing with her boys, a little uninterrupted (what’s that?) time to read and write, and sharing in some good conversation over a glass of bold red wine with her hubby. Her faith, her people, and her sense of humor, carry her through the peaks and valleys of this life. She attempts to chronicle the journey over at her blog,


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