Summer Days: Scheduling for fun


Ah, Summer! How we’ve missed you!

Now that we are in the throws of the glory days, my kids have done their share of relaxing and days of freedom, but yesterday I heard it – the first “I’m bored.” Time to put our summer schedule into force. I love lazy days of summer, but I do not love the bickering or the sometimes sloth like attitude of summer. I try to make a simple schedule for the week so that there’s something to look forward to, but also to create a little structure and brain work. A couple of tips before you get started:

  • Keep it simple: Don’t over schedule yourself or your kids – take the time.
  • Be flexible! If you have plans or the weather does not cooperate with your schedule, flip-flop days or move something up.
  • Have a back-up plan. Rainy afternoons and sick days happen. Have a couple of ideas or kits stashed away for those days.

Some families have success with a “no screen time until…” with great activities to do; such as all chores done, something crafty, and outside time for x number of minutes/hours. I do try to get outside in the morning before it gets too hot, but other than that, I have found that having a few of the following theme “days” works better for us:

Make It Mondays

Try a new craft, project, or recipe. And let them be messy! Get out the glue and popsicle sticks and tell them to go crazy. Find a cool, simple craft online or from a library book (the kids section has great, age appropriate ideas). Let them choose and prepare the recipe for lunch or dinner and sit back and relax (you’re the queen!).

Time to Read Tuesday

Library Day! There are some amazing summer reading programs around Denver this year. Stop by your local library and get set up. A lot of libraries are moving to an online tracking (so you can read and track over vacation!), and it can be a good motivator for someone who doesn’t love to read (I now have 2 of those).

Summer Days: Scheduling for fun | Denver Metro Moms Blog
Visit local lakes and reservoirs, too!

Wet and Wild Wednesday

Hit the pool or splash parks! Check out this list of great, local splash pads and pools. We love trying out new splash pads, and I love the “Swim In Movies” a lot of pools are trying out this summer. Or turn on the sprinklers! Throw some burgers or hotdogs on the grill and let the kids run wild while enjoying some time outside together.

Thoughtful Thursdays

Do something for someone else! Buy someone’s coffee or lunch. Take cookies to a retirement home. Draw pictures for an elderly neighbor. Reach out to a friend and ask them if you could bring them dinner. Need some more ideas? Check out some other great ways to volunteer in your community here.

Fun Friday!

On this day, we do something new and visit somewhere fun, like a zoo or museum! Need some new, fun, summer activity ideas? Check out our 2017 Ultimate Guide to Summer here.

I make sure to sprinkle in a few “boredom days,” especially if we’re working on a big Thoughtful Thursday project, an extra exciting Fun Friday event, or have something going on over the weekend. Bring out the legos, have a movie day, find something… or nothing… to do. Boring days often bring out the board games in my house, and it’s up to them if they want to play together or alone.

Whatever you do, make sure it works for you family. Even choosing one of these a week to put on your calendar will keep your kids engaged in their summer and allow all of you to enjoy it!

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