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It can be a stressful thing to have a sick baby, especially when it’s the middle of the night and your little one is up crying in pain – and suddenly you and your spouse are drawing straws for who gets to go find a 24hour pharmacy. Avoid those midnight pajama dashes to the store by having a well-stocked and supplied medicine cabinet. Since these necessities can often cost quite a bit (especially when you need several at the same time), these are GREAT baby registry items!

Over the years I found a few products that helped my baby, that I loved. Read on below for 20 must have baby medicine cabinet essentials!

1. Digital Thermometer

When I finally broke down and got a digital thermometer, I was so grateful I did. It can be really tough to get a sick and crying baby to sit still enough to get a good read. I always keep a regular thermometer on hand, as well (especially for the more accurate anal temperature readings, which I disliked doing, but did when the Doc asked). I’ve tried the Braun Forehead Thermometer and love it. I highly recommend a digital thermometer for the family.

2. Humidifier

What would I have done without a humidifier when my daughter was a baby?! Now I do steam bath’s, which work as well, but I loved having the humidifier in her room when she had a bad cold or cough. I love the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier in the Frog character. So cute- and it gets good reviews!

3. Babies’ non-apsirin liquid pain reliever

It is always a good idea to have some non-aspirin liquid pain reliever in the house with a new baby.

4. Bandages

We keep a well-stocked supply of cute bandages in multiple rooms of our home.

5. Pedialyte/ Electrolyte solution

An electrolyte solution is a good idea for preventing dehydration, if there is vomiting or diarrhea.

6. Nasal Aspirator

For those pesky colds, a nasal aspirator is essential. I always wanted to try the Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator, but never got the chance. It gets stellar reviews and seems much more gentle for babies.

7. Anti-gas drops

Babies can get pretty bad gas. Having anti-gas drops is a good idea, for those hurting bellies. I liked Little Remedies.

8. Probiotics

I wish I had learned about the importance of probiotics sooner! Especially when a baby has an infection or the onset of a cold. I LOVE the Zarbees Naturals Baby Probiotic.

9. Natural Cough Syrup

I also love the Zarbees Cough Syrup for little ones. It is safe and effective with a blend of honey. I could never get my daughter to eat honey when she had a cold, but she loved this syrup.

10. Teething Gel

Teething is the worst. Having a teething remedy on hand can help on those especially rough days.

11. Antibiotic Ointment

Antiobiotic ointment is good to have on hand for small burns, scrapes, or cuts.

12. Colic Drops

I did not experience colic, but I see there are many awesome products for babies with colic. Many of them get great reviews, too!

13. Nasal Saline Spray

I am a HUGE fan of nasal saline spray when my daughter has a cold. No, she does not like having drops put up her nose, but it really helps clear her out and gives her almost instant relief. Plus, it is a safe and really inexpensive remedy.

14. Calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream

My poor kiddo got stung by a bee twice in one year. I was glad to have some hydrocortisone cream in my house to help take the sting away.

15. Basic gauze/ first aid kit

No one loves the idea of stopping a serious wound, but having a small supply of various sized gauze and tape is a good idea. Gauze pads can be used to make various sized bandages, as wall as applying pressure to stop bleeding. Include a pair of scissors and adhesive tape.

16. Cotton Balls

For applying liquid medicines.

17. Multiple oral syringes

I will usually ask my pharmacist for a couple of extra oral syringes when my daughter is sick, because those can go missing so quickly!

18. Cold packs

A few fun and colorful cold packs are good for reducing swelling.

19. Diaper rash cream

Sometimes those diaper rashes can get really painful. I used a daily cream and kept an extra strength cream for the bad rashes. I loved Desitin Rapid Relief and others on our contributor team swear by Dr. Smith’s.

20. Soft washcloths

Soft washcloths are perfect for cleaning gums and teeth, as well as cleaning baby’s body.

I have shared with you my favorite medicine cabinet must-haves. What are your favorites?

Please consult a physician prior to administering any of the remedies mentioned in this post to your children, and read the labels CAREFULLY
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  1. Pretty sure teething gel is something you are not recommends to use anymore. Also, you might want to rename the article to toddler or child’s medicine cabinet. I assume babies to be under a year old and you should never give honey/honey cough syrup to a baby under a year old.

  2. Great list! I would add gripe water to that. Natural tummy reliever that also is good to mix with nasty medicine (Zantac) that your baby won’t take!

    • I have heard wonderful things about gripe water! I never used it with my daughter but if I have a second I will give it a try!


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