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My toddler doesn’t schedule his sick days. He doesn’t check my work schedule, put in a request for time off, and plan his fever, runny nose, and suspicious rashes around anyone’s needs.

Too many mornings, my family has woken up to a list of unexplained symptoms and found ourselves wondering, “Well, who has time to spend the next 3 hours scheduling an appointment and taking our son to see a doctor? Is he really ill or is he just teething? Is the illness is serious? It this contagious? Does he needs medicine?” Determining the best course of action can take a tremendous amount of time, and false alarm doctor visits are costly! I often have thought to myself, “There MUST be an easier way!”

Enter: Amwell – an easy-to-use telehealth app that truly simplifies your life when sickness strikes without warning! Amwell was founded in 2006 by two doctors, and is one of the leading telehealth services in the US.

I was able to download the {free} app, log in, create my profile, add my family info, and speak to a local doctor in MUCH less time than it takes to load up the diaper bag and find my car keys!

Once I logged in, I was presented with a list of available doctors in my area and their specialty {family physician, internist, emergency medicine, nutritionist, therapist}. I was able to review each doctor’s credentials and select the provider I wanted to connect with. Seriously, it’s AMAZING — the entire process took less than 20 minutes from start to a diagnosis of seasonal allergies and a recommended course of care!


Easy access to local board certified medical professionals for the entire family, without having to leave the house equals this busy mom’s dream come true. Additionally, Amwell visits are only $49, and many insurance companies even will cover telehealth visits! Plus, you get your FIRST VISIT FREE when you use the promo code CITYMOMS at checkout!


So, the next time someone in your family wakes up with a laundry list of unexplained symptoms, check out telehealth with Amwell! If you do end up needing to make an office appointment, you can look for a provider in Denver with the handy Amwell find a doctor page!

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