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Over 20 million people practice yoga in the US, according to the most recent stats from Yoga Journal, so clearly I’m not alone my love for it. I recently took a couple of weeks off, due to renovations at my gym’s studio in the spring, and focused on training for the Colfax Half Marathon. While running, I would daydream about a good vinyasa flow session. I missed it! I walked back into the studio thinking about how tight my muscles were from not doing enough yoga, adding items to my mental to-do list, and feeling a little stressed about my work obligations. Not very zen-like, huh? Then the class started and I received a message of self-acceptance and peace, “Right where you are is exactly where you need to be.” In that moment, I knew I could let go of any stress and all of my to-dos would get checked off my list eventually. For in that moment, I was exactly where I needed to be. I was back, baby! Unfortunately, it hurt. My hamstrings were so tight. I felt the weeks of neglecting to stretch and lots of running coming back to haunt me.

I started yoga about three years ago. I remember initially being intimidated by it because I am not flexible. Not flexible at all. I aspire to be one of those long, lean yogis {like my friend Samantha Heniss – pictured}; however, it’s a journey for everyone and my journey may be especially long in that respect. The form-fitting workout wear made me battle my insecurities, especially when I was pregnant and feeling gigantic, but I was still drawn in by an amazing teacher. I wanted to be healthy, flexible, and lean like everyone else in class seemed to be. I was nervous about not being able to keep up or understand what the teachers’ instructions meant. How exactly does one learn sanskrit, the language of yoga? I’ll tell you: Practice.

I no longer worry about how my butt looks in yoga pants or if I can keep up with a flow. I’ve learned that I don’t necessarily need to know the sanskrit names of the poses in order to follow along. I realize that every class is different and each person’s abilities are unique. Each practice presents an opportunity for me to get whatever I need out of it. Sometimes just having one hour to truly unplug and get a break from my motherly obligations is what I need. As a mom, I don’t even have privacy when I use the restroom. There is usually {at least} one little set of tiny hands on my shower door. Other times the physical challenge of class is invigorating and sometimes it is more of a mental undertaking. Can I do “crow” or will I somersault into that nice lady in front of me?! {Honestly, I’ve somersaulted and I didn’t knock anyone out or die of embarrassment and I realize core strength and proper positioning are still something for me to work on.}

I may never describe myself as being skilled at yoga, but I don’t care. That is not why I will continue to do it. I love how it makes me feel: strong, powerful, capable of difficult things, able to clear my mind, and {literally} able to go with the flow. For the record, I now think yoga clothes are really cute, too. Positive messages of self-acceptance can be a rarity outside of yoga, so I love that aspect of it and it’s one of many things that keeps me coming back to my mat. Namaste.

Are you a yoga mom or do you have another way to clear your mind and feel strong in your body?

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Alison is a busy local mom to two very spunky girls, ages 4 and 1 year old. In 2001, Alison made a wise decision to follow her then cute boyfriend {now handsome husband}, west to Colorado after graduating from the University of Kansas and has been enjoying all Denver has to offer since. Formerly a media and advertising sales professional, Alison spent the past 8 months getting her feet wet as a stay-at-home-mom until she caught the direct sales bug and decided to become an Ambassador for the health and wellness company, Plexus Worldwide. Alison loves fitness, beauty products, shopping, cooking, traveling and getting out into the Colorado sunshine as much as possible. Alison hopes her 14 years in Denver and 4 years as a Denver mom will add value to the Denver Metro Mom Blog Community. You can connect with Alison, {AKA DenverAli}, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and


  1. I totally feel you Audra — I was just joking with another mom the other day about how much of a yoga mom I am NOT! I think it’s a beautiful practice, but I just feel so intimidated about going in to a yoga studio and blessing the rest of the class with my lack of coordination!

  2. I feel like you just gave me the permission I’ve been waiting for. Most of my hesitation in trying a yoga class centers around how I’m going keep up with the poses and how my butt’s going to look in those pants. ๐Ÿ™‚ Time to look for a class…

    • I’m so glad, Audra! There are many different types & teacher personalities so if the first one you find isn’t for you, try again!


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