Introducing the “Girlfriend’s Guide to the Vagina”


We are so thankful for our sponsors at Beauty By Buford for providing us the opportunity to introduce the “Girlfriend’s Guide to the Vagina”!

Let’s face it, mamas . . . once you enter motherhood, nothing is quite as “sacred” as it once was. Gone are the days of modesty, mystery, and for many of us . . . bladder control.

Denver Metro Moms Blog introduces the Girlfriend's Guide to the VaginaLooking back, maybe all those appointments with our legs hoisted up in stirrups were really just helping to ease us all into the glamour of motherhood. Remember the days when you insisted your significant other either not attend or stay up by your head at your OB/GYN checks? Seems like the next thing you know, you’re trying to push out a baby while keeping in all other bodily functions (gasp!) and maybe that significant other is videoing the whole thing? Or, maybe your birth involved an operating table, a shave from a nurse, and a surgical wound you neded to nurse for weeks?

Either way, the stitches, staples, squirt bottles, mesh panties, diaper sized pads; whatever your postpartum recovery looked like, it probably wasn’t easy or pretty! Finally (whether from delivering vaginally or simply aging), we’re hit with incontinence, low libido, physical changes from tears or age, and a slew of eye-opening transitions. Let’s face it, our vaginas have been through a LOT!

So why, after all of this, do we have such a hard time getting real and talking about our lady parts? This is exactly what prompted Dr. Gregory Buford to start this project and bring us the “Girlfriend’s Guide to the Vagina”. Through his work with patients and fellow colleagues, Dr. Buford realized vaginal health is an area colored with shame and hesitancy, even between patients and physicians—and sometimes it is not discussed at all. His primary goal is to encourage and contribute to the growing conversation around women’s health.

What To Expect

The “Girlfriend’s Guide to the Vagina” is a lighthearted, empowering, and medically-sound, ebook which includes a variety of information related to vaginal and sexual health for women:

  • Anatomical overview
  • Vaginas throughout history, including contraptions (!) and misconceptions
  • Sexual health
  • Menstruation
  • Childbirth and the vagina
  • Aging – what happens to your vagina as you age and what you can do about it
  • Hygiene

Content Partners

Dr. Buford was honored to partner with sexologist Dr. Jess O’Reilly and OB/GYN Dr. Susan Murrmann to make this project a reality. Both women bring years of experience in women’s health to the table and provide an important voice in helping to encourage this growing conversation. The following quotes highlight the unique and dynamic perspective these two women contribute to the Guide.

From Dr. Jess:

  • “We take sex way too seriously. In every other realm, we give ourselves some leeway to make mistakes; we allow ourselves to engage in activities that aren’t perfect or mind-blowing every single time. If you overcook pasta, you don’t hang your head in shame and hope nobody notices. You just tell your family, ‘I overcooked the pasta tonight,’ and they deal with it. We should apply the same rules to sex.”
  • “Because part of the brain actually shuts down right at orgasm, you have to be willing to let go. When you’re holding on, worried about the kids in the next room, worried about what you look like, or worried about what you have to do tomorrow, that’s often what holds us back from orgasm.”

From Dr. Murrmann:

  • “On top of discussing medical issues, more women are really wanting to take their sex lives back and want to know what their options are. Many options are available for helping women to more fully enjoy their relationships with their partners, and this has them talking to each other and to their physicians. I feel like this is a very exciting time for women’s health and sexuality.”
  • “Treatments used to tighten faces and bodies, improve skin texture, and increase collagen production have paved the way for solutions to both medical and aesthetic vaginal concerns,” she says. “Using special technologies, we can aesthetically enhance the appearance of the vulva, improve lubrication, increase integrity of mucosal lining, and improve sexual satisfaction. We can literally ‘bring sexy back’—and that’s a beautiful thing!”

Why Share It

  • It’s 100% free
  • It’s appropriate for teens-centenarians!
  • It’s a really fun read! Infographics, sharable content… everyone that was given a preview has learned something new!
  • It is filled with information women should know about themselves and their bodies and touches on the facts that are typically glossed over or avoided altogether.

Read It Now

Denver Metro Moms Blog introduces the Girlfriends Guide to the Vagina

We are so thankful to our partner, Dr. Gregory Buford, for publishing this educational and incredibly interesting ebook "Girlfriend's Guide to the Vagina".


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