Taking Back Control:: Mommy Doesn’t Pee Her Pants Anymore


Date night, at last! There I was, sitting across the table from my handsome husband, nice glass of wine in hand, full evening of kid-free adult conversation ahead of us. We had no baby, no three year old, no nursing, no burping, no spit up, no boogers, and no body functions. And then . . . I sneezed.

And I peed my pants. 

Between the baby and the three year old, I expect peed pants at our house. I just never thought that some of those peed pants would be mine. I especially never expected how often this would happen. I must have missed that chapter in the “What to Expect . . .” book. 

My regular exercise routine has heavy doses of lower abs, and I thought I was doing pelvic floor exercises, so the embarrassing leakage has become a tremendous point of frustration that I was beginning to accept as just part of motherhood after two vaginal births. Until I found out that it doesn’t have to be, and I was invited to take part in PeriCoach’s 8 week challenge to help with my leaking.

What’s really going on down there. . . 

 What I learned from PeriCoach is the “leaking” is actually called urinary incontinence and is caused by weak or damaged pelvic floor muscles. In an attempt to fix my pelvic floor disorder, I have tried to do pelvic floor exercises before. Through both of my pregnancies and after, I would practice squeezing in, squeezing up, squeezing down. I would hold my breath and squeeze, squeeze while driving, squeeze laying down, squeeze doing the dishes . . . you get it. When I was still peeing my pants every time I sneezed/ran/jumped, despite my best squeezing efforts, I realized that I, like 50% of all women, actually had zero idea how to exercise my pelvic floor, and I needed professional help.

For me, my professional help would come in the form of my own personal (very personal) vagina coach. My PeriCoach.  

What is PeriCoach?

The PeriCoach® System is an easy-to-use home device and mobile app designed to guide women performing pelvic floor exercises. PeriCoach provides feedback via smartphone app to help me manage and monitor a pelvic floor exercise program.  

A device containing three biosensors is inserted into the vagina. When the PeriCoach user performs her pelvic floor exercises, the biosensors detect the strength and duration of each contraction and instantly send these data to a downloadable smartphone app over a Bluetooth wireless connection. The smartphone app provides a visual depiction of how the user is exercising in real time, to aide proper performance. The app also sends daily reminders to the user for accountability and motivation.

PeriCoach 8 Week Challenge Details

With 99% of women knowing what Kegels are, action of doing them is not high. Since I had no idea if I was doing them correctly and actually strengthening my pelvic floor, I needed some help. That is why I’m excited to join this challenge! Here are the challenge details:  

  • Exercise daily with PeriCoach (minimum of 5 days a week for 8 weeks)
  • Easily record in the bladder diary water intake, bladder behavior and pad use (using a super easy app on my phone!)
  • Complete 3 easy surveys each month that take less than 10 minutes (which the app will remind me about)

Join me! 

This is your invitation to join me and start your journey to beat the leaks. You can visit www.PeriCoach.com to upload that prescription, place your order and have the PeriCoach delivered directly to your home. Satisfaction is guaranteed, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Join me and take back control of your pelvic floor, so we can all say “Mommy doesn’t pee her pants anymore!”



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