OB/GYN Physicians Support Low-Intervention Births

We are so thankful that our partner, Emily Prouse, MD, took the time to share this important information about OB/GYN physicians supporting low-intervention births.

You may have heard by now that Rose Medical Center has opened the state’s first birth center inside a hospital. For moms who are looking for a low-intervention experience in a more home-like environment, this could be a great option. 

In fact, the suites at Rose could be even better than home, with amenities like spacious rooms, oversized tubs, Apple TVs, luxurious queen-size bed, and an extensive array of labor support tools and holistic pain management options. Rose is also home to Denver’s only HypnoBirthing program.

A low-intervention birth allows labor to begin and progress naturally without unnecessary medical and technological monitoring and procedures. These births are un-medicated and provide an atmosphere of personal support to mothers and their families.

While it may seem contrary, obstetric physicians today are very supportive of low-intervention childbirth. It’s common for us to work with midwives, doulas, naturopaths and other holistic providers in tandem with our pregnant patients. 

A pertinent question that women pursuing low-intervention childbirth usually ask is: “What if?” What if something unexpected happens? It’s that off chance that something might happen during labor that can cause a lot of worry. That’s why it can be a good idea to become a patient of a provider you can trust to respond quickly to any unexpected complications.

The benefit of choosing an environment like the Rose Babies Birth Center is that pregnant moms can experience labor free from interventions and be cared for by their trusted OB provider within the safety net of a facility well-known for excellence in obstetric and neonatal care. If medical intervention becomes necessary, it’s just down the hall.

Remember, one of the nice things about pregnancy is that it gives you many months to consider your birthing experience and ask questions. The process of figuring out a delivery plan starts early in the pregnancy. Refining this plan is a long process that should involve teamwork among the mom, the family, the doctor and other care providers.

If you are considering delivering at a birth center, facilities often offers tours, classes, infant safety information and more. The Rose Babies Birth Center offers free informational seminars twice a month, and, because birth center stays are generally shortened, some prenatal classes may be required to educate moms about her initial days at home. For more information, visit RoseMed.com/birthcenter.

The most important thing is to cherish the entire pregnancy experience. Talk to your partner or family about the kind of birth experience that’s right for you. And be sure to have as part of your plan the option to get medical attention quickly just in case something unexpected happens.

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Emily Prouse, MD, recently gave birth to her second child. She believes women’s health is the foundation of strong, healthy families. Dr. Prouse attended Duke University and then University of North Carolina School of Medicine, where she was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. She considers it a privilege to partner with women patients to make informed, healthy decisions about their care. Outside of the office, Dr. Prouse and her growing family love exploring the wilderness of Colorado, and she enjoys the ski slopes and bike trails. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Prouse, call (303) 320-8499 or visit 


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