Mama Doesn’t Pee Her Pants Anymore (I am the Queen of my Castle)


It’s official, I am the MASTER of my Domain, the Lord of the Manor, the Queen of the Castle. That’s right, this mama doesn’t pee her pants anymore! I don’t have to worry about sneezing, laughing, coughing, blowing my nose, running, jumping, or drinking too much water leading to frustrating embarrassment and a change of clothes. I don’t have to worry about incontinence ruining any more sexy date nights with my hubby. I am in total control of what’s going on DOWN THERE. My vagina and I are friends again. BOOM. Mic drop.

PeriCoach | Denver Metro Moms BlogOh wait, I can’t mic drop there, first I have to tell you how I regained control. 

You may recall, I was gearing up in late May to begin the PeriCoach 8 Week Challenge. I was tired of being one of the 1 in 3 women suffering from incontinence. I had all but accepted that I would never know if I was doing a Kegel correctly. I was squeezing in, squeezing up, squeezing down, I did my Kegels during pregnancy, I my Kegels postpartum – and 8 weeks ago, when I started using the PeriCoach, I realized I was doing them COMPLETELY wrong. The discovery was a little frustrating when I thought of all the time I’d wasted not actually doing Kegels . . . but it was also reassuring. I had hope. My vagina had hope. 

PeriCoach Control | Denver Metro Moms Blog

So, how was it, really?

When I first opened the PeriCoach device, it reminded me of the Starship Enterprise . . . and was a little bit intimidating. Once I reminded myself that two humans had come out of where the reasonably small device needed to go in, I calmed a bit and got down to business. The device wasn’t uncomfortable – it’s shaped to fit a woman’s body, but I would recommend a little lubrication. I would recommend just the straightforward KY, because I didn’t need any warming or weird scents while I was trying to concentrate. 

Downloading the app and connecting to the device was easy peasy, and the app walks you through the exercises – it tells you exactly when to squeeze and for how long, and then when you can relax. The application also has goals for how hard you squeeze, and a real-time graph that shows you exactly how you’re doing.

I’ll be honest, the first few weeks my results were not so good. As I mentioned before, I wasn’t doing Kegels properly, so the squeezing was a challenge, and then timing it and starting and stopping on demand took work! Shortly after I figured out how to actually do the Kegels, my performance got better . . . and I quit peeing my pants. Also, just between us girls . . . my husband noticed my new control down there, and not just because I wasn’t sprinting to the bathroom whenever I had to go. PeriCoach Control | Denver Metro Moms Blog

So, what now?

Now that my 8 week challenge is over, I am NOT finished using my PeriCoach device. I don’t think that my newly strengthened lady business necessarily needs to be training for a PeriCoach marathon, but I’m for sure going to do it at least a few times a week! 

Completing the 8 week challenge and no longer worrying about peeing my pants has not only affected me physically, but also emotionally. I’m more confident and I don’t find myself frustrated and embarrassed over the changes that motherhood brought my pelvic floor. I feel more like myself, and it’s affected my relationship with my husband as well. I feel like the Queen of the Castle no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

PeriCoach Control | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Now, it’s YOUR turn! 

Before trying PeriCoach, I was a bit of a skeptic that there was a solution out there for me. I had all but resigned myself to the fact that my pelvic floor would be a disaster forever — I didn’t know how to do Kegels, and I was so over it. After working with PeriCoach, I know it doesn’t have to be that way for me. If I can go from the frustrated, embarrassed me I was 8 weeks ago to the confident and in control woman I am now, then seriously mama – you can too. We sacrifice so much of ourselves in motherhood – it’s true, our bodies do change. Thankfully, because of PeriCoach, I was able to change it back (and probably have more control than I ever have!).

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this device to anyone dealing with pelvic floor weakness and incontinence. It’s worth it to do this for yourself. You are worth it! Don’t suffer through panty liners, fear of sneezing, and wet pants any more! 

Take the 8 Week Challenge!

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