Want, Need, Wear, Read, Donate – A Colorado Gift Guide!


Last year I put together a gift guide for your loved ones that boasted products that were all from Colorado. And since I’m pretty much eternally obsessed with this great state we live in, I decided to continue my tradition of shopping local and update the gift guide again this year!

This year’s gift guide will cover 4 distinct categories of gifts, just like last year:  something you WANT, something you NEED, something to WEAR, and something to READ. And this year, I’m throwing in a new category:  a Colorado-based cause to DONATE to.  

May this gift giving season celebrate all the love and joy that we are so lucky to have in our great state of Colorado!

Colorado Gift Guide for MAMA

WANT:  Infinite Monkey Theorem Bubble Universe

NEED:  Formulary 55 spa gift subscription

WEAR:  TOPO Designs women’s plaid flannel mountain shirt

READ:  A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella L. Bird

DONATE:  SafeHouse Denver

2016 Colorado Gift Guide | For Papa | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Colorado Gift Guide for PAPA

WANT:  Colorado Crafted Camping Box

NEED:  McBeard Ceramics jumbo stoneware mug

WEAR:  VELA Apparel ULLR track jacket

READ:  Eiger Dreams: Ventures Among Men and Mountains by Jon Krakauer

DONATE:  Alliance for Sustainable Colorado

2016 Colorado Gift Guide | For Kiddo | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Colorado Gift Guide for KIDDO

WANT:  Little Colorado music table

NEED:  Epidendron Little maple teething rings

WEAR:  Black Lantern Studio ‘wise bear’ t-shirt

READ:  Thimble the Fairy’s Acorns & Tea

DONATE:  A Precious Child

What are your favorite local gifts you’d put in a guide to celebrate the holidays and the great state of Colorado? 

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Megan Lombardo is mama to two awesome kiddos, proud wife to a family medicine doctor, and a professional musician and piano instructor. She and her family lived in Denver for a handful of years before embarking on their current adventure in the mountain town of Salida. Megan will be focusing on helping your family find the easiest ways to experience all the hidden gems and lovely family-friendly excursions that you can get to within a short drive of the Denver metro area. One of the greatest things about Denver is its proximity to the mountains—so get out there and explore! When she’s not blogging, you can find Megan hiking around the Arkansas River valley, having a beer at a brewery while chasing her kids around, listening to music at Riverside Park with friends, playing music with her husband, or (still) ripping out carpet and tearing down wood paneling in her 1899 home in Salida. Megan is excited to connect with all of you!


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