School is Out: Building our summer bucket list


School is Out: Building our summer bucket list | Denver Metro Moms BlogAs moms, we all have our strengths. While some moms are able to make evening events (as in, past bed time) a success, there are others who shutter at the thought. Regrettably, I am the “abide by bed time” kind of mom and am instead the “busy morning” mom. Not by choice, more so by demand. When our girls wake up, it is a race to get them ready. From the minute their little feet hit the ground, they are ready to go. Breakfast, hair, teeth, and getting dressed happen in the blink of an eye. Before I even have a minute to get myself dressed and ready, they are asking what we will be doing for the day (thank goodness for hats). This is our routine and they are quite accustomed to it. I don’t mind, this way my house stays clean while we’re gone!

For them, it’s a chance to get out and do something. For me, it means sibling separation via car seats and keeping them too busy to bicker. 

My oldest has just finished Pre-K and I’m aware of the fact that I now have two additional days to fill… Did I mention that getting out of the house is vital to keeping our girls from arguing? I did? Okay. We have three months of no pre-scheduled days. With this realization, I have printed free printable calendars from Pinterest, and added some of the local farmers markets and other free events that are happening near us this summer to the calendar pages.

I was able to fill up quite a few of our days this way. If you’re in need of summer fun ideas, here is our 2017 Ultimate Guide to Summer with lots of activities and events. We have also built in some fun with our season passes (or as I call them, Gifts that Keep Giving) to hot spots around town.

To complete the calendar, I decided to make a summer bucket list of some extra special activities. Here’s what made our list…

  • Go for a day hike
  • See a Rockies game
  • Take a family camping trip (in the tent we bought last summer and never used)
  • Waterworld
  • Try out a new park every week (if you have a favorite that we should visit in the Denver area, send them my way!)
  • Watch fireworks on the 4th of July (Remember, I’m the “abide by bedtime mom,” so we usually skip these, but not this year!)
  • Take the girls to see some live music 

It’s not a long list, but it’s one we can accomplish and I’m already looking forward to it!

Have you built your summer bucket list yet? What are your must do events for Summer 2017?


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