How To Cope When Your Kids Don’t Want You


Being a mom isn’t easy. Duh. You are reading a mom’s blog, meaning you are likely a mom, or will be a mom, or have a mom, or know a mom. So you know it’s hard. Kids are needy little things, aren’t they? They always want to be fed. Or be touching you. Or have their butts wiped. Or need a song or a book or, you know, just be kept alive. It’s exhausting.

Moms are used to being needed. We put our kids first. We put our families first. We put the laundry first. But what happens when all of the sudden those kids don’t need mommy so much one day? Maybe they’re growing up, or maybe it’s just a crazy baby/toddler/big kid/teenage phase? Regardless, there comes a time in every mom’s life where your kids want absolutely nothing to do with you.

So what do you do?


No I’m serious. Party.

Image via Someecards
Image via Someecards

I know it can be hard. It can feel weird when something has needed you for so long and then suddenly they don’t. You can get that empty feeling. It’s weird. Take a minute while they’re hanging on dad, begging him for another piggyback ride and completely ignoring your existence, and go pour yourself a glass of wine.

Don’t unload the dishwasher. Don’t fold the laundry. Do not fire up your laptop and do that work you left unfinished. And do not, by any means, try to get involved with your family.

Pour some wine. Walk into the other room. Shut the door. And do WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Trust me, they’ll get back to needing you in no time.


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