Breakfasts Filled with Love


My kids and I love holidays. Any excuse to celebrate, decorate, and eat and we’re all in.

Valentine’s Day, or “Love Day”, in our house, is no exception. For us, it’s a day filled with treats and a little extra love. This year, I plan to surprise the boys with some heart-shaped balloons and paper hearts outlining all the things I love about them. They’ll think it’s fun, but the day really takes meaning when we get ready for breakfast- we start every holiday with a special meal that we share together.

I love to start the day this way. We work together to make a great meal. It’s a fun way for them to get in the kitchen and play around, and they learn so much! In the quest for this year’s Valentine’s specials, I found a few fun ways to kick off our day.


Breakfasts Filled with Love | Denver Metro Moms Blog
Photo Credit: Life in Wonderland

My boys love fruit, and I found a great, healthy treat to kick off Love Day. Make these adorable fruity Valentine kebabs for a quick breakfast or snack. Grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter, some melon & pineapple and you’re all set!


Breakfasts Filled with Love | Denver Metro Moms Blog
Photo Credit: Premediated Leftovers

If you’re like us and love some sweet treats, these heart-shaped cinnamon rolls with frosting and sprinkles are sure to make your family happy. This is a good treat to fill my boys off and then send them on their way, happily full of sugar! Mommy hack- if time is short, grab some cinnamon roll dough from the grocery store and make this sweet treat super-fast!

Valentine's Breakfasts Filled with Love | Denver Metro Moms Blog

We are also cuckoo for pancakes in our house. Pancakes are something we can make together, and the boys love any time they get to help me cook. Make pancakes that are full of love by adding red berries or and creating cakes in a heart shape.


Breakfasts Filled with Love | Denver Metro Moms Blog
Photo Credit: Flour On My Face

When I’m in for a quick breakfast that doesn’t require cooking, I go for a smoothie. Blend together some frozen berries, almond milk or Greek yogurt and add a fun, festive straw, and you have a yummy, frosty start to your day! This is an easy breakfast to make allergy-friendly, as well: just use a safe milk or juice alternative. (Click here for more allergy-friendly Valentine’s Day snack ideas.)

Whatever you crave, there’s a breakfast treat to get your Valentine’s Day off to a tasty start. Happy Love Day, mama!


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