All the FALL Things {a guide to enjoying Sweater Weather like a pro}


I recognize that I am about to sound like a giant stereotype – but I have to tell you all – I LOVE Fall.

It is, by far, my favorite time of year. Everything is preferable when it comes between the months of September and November. Clothes are cuter. Coffee tastes better. Everything is more fun with that crisp in the air. Plus, there are so many fun activities! Just a plethora, you guys! There are so many fall things we can do and we can do them with a coffee in hand, wearing boots and scarves and sweaters, and life will be but a dream. It’s a good mood waiting to happen. Here are some ways you and your family can enjoy it to the fullest.

All the Fall Things

Of course, the obvious excitement of Fall/October for many of our littles is Halloween. It’s very exciting. Picking their costume and making it work is a central part of the month of October for many families, but there is also fun to be had for the whole family around this spooky holiday. Here are some ideas:

Seasonal Movies/Books!

For the slightly older child, Hocus Pocus is always a hit. A little scary for the younger kiddos, but really great once they’re old enough! One we love [for all ages!] is It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. We watch both every Halloween! [Set your DVR for either – they’re on every year! Hocus Pocus is also available for rent on iTunes or Amazon Prime.]

Lots of children’s book series will have a Halloween or Autumn themed book in their midst. We’re big into Pinkalicious [Pink or Treat and the Pink Pumpkin] and Junie B. Jones [Boo… and I Mean It!] in our house. Check out Amazon for some of your kids’ favorites!

Moms, wondering what YOU should be watching?? Is it any coincidence that all our favorite shows return during this optimal time of year? Prime Time TV is back with a vengeance – try out some new ones to see what you like. If you’re looking for a solid show we know you’ll enjoy, might I suggest picking up Friday Night Lights on Netflix? Nothing puts you in that fall spirit like a little high school football and whether you’re flying solo for the evening or sharing the couch with your partner, you’ll be in business with this one.

Now, when it comes to what you should be doing during these months – that plethora of fun I mentioned – there is nothing I love more than a good autumnal weekend for activities. While we are all busy with birthday parties and soccer games and family gatherings, here are some things we love to find time for in the fall:

Pumpkin Patches!

Lucky for you, we have compiled an excellent list of local patches for you and your family to enjoy. Look up which one fits your needs – corn mazes, cider, pumpkins for purchase, photo ops for days. So don your favorite boots and best scarf, and bundle your kiddos in their adorable tiny booties and jackets, and head to the pumpkin patch on a brisk Saturday.


Carve said pumpkins up into spooky characters! If you’re hoping to avoid monitoring your children while they use knives, there are some really fun ideas for painting pumpkins, as well as drilling holes [parent operation of drills heavily suggested, of course] which can illuminate their painted designs as well. Check out Pinterest for some awesome ideas! [But please don’t let comparison steal your joy while you’re there.]


Again, obviously, Pinterest. Might I suggest the Toilet Paper Roll Bat, Popsicle Stick Pumpkin Magnet, Cotton Ball Ghosts, or any number of Candy Corn crafts?? I like to pick a fun craft maybe once per season, nothing crazy. Here’s the thing though – often my daughter just wants to do something different than her normal coloring. So if I hand her a canvas and some black and orange paint and say “look! A Halloween craft!” – that is sufficient! Don’t over-think it, mamas. Do what you can. Get some black paper and cut out some bats. Give them a piece of paper and an orange marker. Make it exciting. It’s all in how you spin it!

Baked Goods!

My husband is, by a landslide, the chef in our home, but where I really shine is in a good batch of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. There are so many great recipes out there – find the one that suits you best and give it a whirl. We adapted our recipe to accommodate a dairy allergy and it is a staple in our home basically year-round, but especially this time of year. Baking always feels like a nice, fall afternoon activity too – so let your kiddos help for some extra fun.

Head for the Hills! I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

We live in basically the most gorgeous place for the changing of the leaves. If you’ve never done it, I HIGHLY suggest packing up the family, maybe a picnic, and heading up to the mountains to see some GORGEOUS colors. You don’t have to go far! Another opportunity for boots and scarves and sweaters – photo ops a plenty – and just a delightful way to spend an afternoon. We also complied a great list of Where to See Colorado’s BEST Fall Colors! Enjoy!

Sweater Weather is, at long last, upon us. Let us not take this blissful season for granted, but enjoy it to the fullest. How do YOU enjoy Fall? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Bring on the baked goods! And boots with leggings and sweaters and scarves . . . . basically I want to cover my entire body in comfortable clothing and eat carbs. #truth


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