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My daughters both have long straight hair, and since I’m not exactly a hair stylist {read: I can do pony tails and barely french braid} I rely on an arsenal of simple, fast, and cute hair-do’s for everyday. I have found that taking a little bit of extra time to tend to my daughter’s long locks helps ward off massive tangles and keeps the hair out of their faces, too. When it comes to getting my kids to sit still, I use the iPad and let them do puzzles or games.

Also, I like to let them sleep in the styles so that the next morning, the hair is already separated into segments and that saves me time!

What you’ll need:

Here are a few tips and some of our favorite go-to styles:

The Pigtail Braids

I love the pigtail braids for how easy they are. Just comb down the center and braid each side , then secure with a rubber band. If you’re feeling focused, you can do two french braids, which stay in longer and help avoid that hair hangover look that happens every afternoon.

The Knot Braids

Knot Braid

How cute are these little top knot twists? Basically, you take parts of the hair and tie them in knots, then rubber band or bobbie pin the ends. TIP: Let your kiddo sleep in this style and the next morning you’ll have little curls to put up. Once you learn the technique of tying the hair in knots, you can make it as long or as short as you like. I like to keep mine short. Video How To.

The Half Up Knot Braid


Sometimes my girls insist that they have their hair down for the day (mostly because they don’t want me to brush it) and so we will compromise with a half up style, just to keep it out of their eyes. You can pull two strands back behind their head or try a single braid or the knot braid for a fun change of pace.

The Topsy Turvy Pigtails

Topsy Turvy

This style is perfect for a little girl when done with pigtails. It’s good for active kids because it stays in all day. Simply divide the hair in two sections for pigtails, then secure one side into a loose ponytail with a rubberband. Next, make a hole in the hair about 1/2 an inch above the band and pull the pony tail through the hole and pull the ends to tighten. Video How To.

The Double Knot Bun

double knot bun

I love this adorable and easy look. It also makes great curls if I let the girl sleep in it. Simply twist the hair up into two knots and use a rubber band or two to secure the buns in place.

And now that their hair is done, we can pick an outfit from our capsule wardrobe and go!

What are your easy, go to hair styles for the long haired ladies at your house? Be sure to check out our favorite pins for more ideas!


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