Easy and Fun St Patrick’s Day Snack and Crafts


Easy and Fun St Patrick's Day Snack and Crafts | Denver Metro Moms BlogI love the holidays, and, while I’m no Pinterest professional, I love doing things to celebrate and decorate for holidays.  St. Patrick’s Day is no different!

I love all of the fun and crafty things found on Pintrest and, this year, we pulled a few of our favorites:


Leprechaun Trap

My kids have each built one of these with each of their Kindergarten classes and it’s always fun! This is usually a dad project in my house, as he’s better at the engineering stuff than me I am.  We use old shoe boxes, construction paper, and whatever you have in the house that could lure your leprechaun!

Rainbow Chain Craft

A beautiful and easy craft to decorate your home.

Water Bottle Shamrock Stamps 

My kids chose this activity this year.  And with a few supplies that you probably have lying around the house, plus a little green paint, you can complete this fun and simple craft, too.


We made a rainbow themed snack after all of our crafting fun! My teenager was in charge of the grilled cheese (our “gold” at the end of our rainbow), and my 9-year-old sliced all of the fruit (the younger ones were tasked with clean up from painting and helping me carry our masterpieces outside to dry).

We made a rainbow out of strawberries, tangerines, bananas, green grapes, blueberries, and purple grapes, with a pot o’ gold at the end (grilled cheese in gold cups).

Even if you are not crafty, these projects and this snack are easy to do for moms and kids of all ages. My kiddos loved the rainbow snack and the shamrock painting. They were a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Cheers from my green beer to yours!


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