Teacher Appreciation Day: What they REALLY want!


Teacher’s appreciation week is coming!

It is traditionally celebrated the first full week in May. This year it’s May 8-12, 2017, with Teacher Appreciation Day falling on Tuesday May 9. Every year we struggle, trying to figure out how best to show our teachers a little love.  Here’s a bit of a “cheat sheet” on what teachers REALLY want!

Coffee Gift Cards

It may seem generic, but it’s not! Both male and female teachers say they want this one. If you don’t know a specific coffee place they frequent (ask them!), Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts will fit the bill.

Fairy Garden

This one is new, and I love it! A good friend of mine collects most of what she needs from the local thrift stores, picks up the plants at the nursery, and her twin girls put the gardens together. What a fun and special way to celebrate their teacher! See some impressive examples here.

Gift Card to a Book Store

New books for their classroom or for pleasure, it’s still a treat for many teachers (a DMMB favorite is Second Star to the Right – it’s worth the trip for them and you!)

Student Made Crafts

Teachers are in it for the heart. As much as YOU love the hand print, they love them too, because your child thought of them.


Yes! Sharpies or white board markers are another other big request. Not basic school supplies, but ask what they need for their classroom to wrap up the year. The newness of the fall supplies has been lost like a broken crayon in the back of my kids pencil box.

A Handwritten Note

From you and your kiddo. Your kiddos spend anywhere from 435 hours to 1080 hours with their teachers in a school year. That’s A LOT of time. Tell them why that time is special.  Share with them the things they do to make your child feel special or to challenge them to be their best. It’s free and all it only takes is a little bit of time to thank them for all of the big work they are doing.

No matter when or how you celebrate, thank your child’s teachers. They want what you want – for your child to grow up and do great things and to be great people. Thank them for being a part of your village.


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