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A few months ago I put together an Action Plan to get back to a better, happier version of myself.  One of my steps was to be willing to spend a little money on myself (something that fills me with guilt and dread, but let’s not talk about that here…) and buy some new clothes.  I had a problem, though.  Where do I even begin?  I felt so out of touch with what’s going on in the fashion world, that I didn’t know what to look for or where to shop.  I started looking around online and stumbled upon mom fashion blogs!  I have a few favorites and wanted to share with other mamas that may also be struggling to find their style:

The Mom Edit

This blog is well written by a team of contributors with varying styles. This means you get to see a range of looks, from glitzy/polished to comfy/classic.  What I love about this blog is that they not only link to their look, but to other items that will allow you to get a similar look at different price points, depending on your budget (just hover over the image to see the price before you even click on the link and realize that there’s just no way you could ever possibly consider spending that kind of money on yourself!).  The contributors also focus on fashion and style for moms, but throw in some good posts on dad/kid fashion and home decor, as well.  themomedit.com

One Little Momma

Fellow contributor Lindsey told me about his one and I immediately loved this mom’s laid back, simple style.  I’m definitely more of a jeans/sweater/sneakers kind of girl and so is this blogger.  Also, she is currently pregnant, so if anyone you know needs help finding some great and easy maternity pieces, send this one her way. onelittlemomma.com

The Budget Babe

You know how you’ll see a cool celebrity mom and think, “oh, I love that, but I’m sure I could never afford it.”  Well then let me introduce you to The Budget Babe!  She posts pictures of celebrities with links on how to get their look for less!  Have a celebrity fashion icon (“Oh, hi there Jessica Biel!”), search their name in one of the drop downs on the right.  She’s also pregnant right now, so she’s been posting some cute finds that also work with bumps.  thebudgetbabe.com

Pish to Posh

Photo Credit: pishtoposh.com

I found this blog before I realized that it belonged to fellow Denver Metro Moms Blog Amanda!  She has great style and there’s something about her blog that makes her style seem totally attainable and easy.  For example, I have serious trouble with jeans – I won’t get into it all here, but my struggles are extensive – and I never know where to begin, but with one of her recent posts about her favorite denim, I feel armed with more information and I’m ready to try some new brands.  There just HAS to be a perfect pair for me out there! pishtoposh.com

Honorable Mentions:

Mother Chic

Vanessa Land

Ivory Lane

Hello Fashion

Rae Everyday

Oh Joy!

The Holly Tree

Peach and Pepper


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