Five Spring Fashion Trends to Wear Right Now


Spring is upon us.  And before we get any further, let’s congratulate ourselves for making it through another Colorado winter.  Although, as a native, I am feeling the winters are much milder than those in my childhood memories.  As we start to shed those North Face’s, Sorels, and beanies, I wanted to share FIVE spring trends that you can wear right now.  These trends do not require a week at the beach (although I would take one) nor do they require you to bath in gallons of self tanner (what’s up pale skin).  These are easy and attainable styles that are perfect for transitioning into spring and my guess is that you can accomplish them with clothes you already have in your closet!!  

As mom, I am guilty of the #momiform of yoga pants and an over-sized sweatshirt.  And with the cold morning school drop offs, I was not in any way motivated to wear my cutest skirt and top, BUT it’s time to scrap of those layers of waffle knits and wool pull overs for a brighter, more youthful and feminine #ootd.  While I can appreciate the limited time we all have in the mornings, with the kids eating their breakfast at a snails pace, your husband casually enjoying his coffee, and the days to-do list multiplying, I feel we all owe it ourselves to take a few extra minutes each morning to get dressed.  Let’s be serious… we aren’t talking about a runway ready look, but we can feel great and look great with minimal effort.  Here are five things to try NOW:


This trend is straight out of Vouge.  Wear color.  Bold and vibrant color.  Pale and soft color.  But wear colors.  As we head into spring, colors really help to brighten up our drab winter skin and attitudes.  When was the last time we saw a bright colored flower and thought “gosh- that looks dark and dreary”… NEVER.  Same applies to your clothes.  Dig deep into those summer clothes and find a bright tank or tee and throw it on under your favorite cardigan or zip up.  Snag a great blush or lavender top and pair it with your favorite jeans and booties.  Colors are really going to define spring fashion this year.  And they just make everyone happier. 


Utility jackets (for those of us not in the fashion world).  This trend is P E R F E C T for us Coloradoians.  Some mornings the temperature is still in the 30’s, but by noon it is upwards of 70… this is where a great anorak comes in.  Use this as a layering piece over a long sleeve button down or even a basic white tee.  A utility jacket can also be worn as part of the outfit and not just outerwear.  Plan to wear it all day.  Anoraks come in a rainbow of colors, albeit most of them are a more muted color; think sage green, blush pink, khaki, navy.  This essential spring must have is perfect to bring your winter wardrobe into the current season. 


This one may seem out of your realm or a bit out of the box, but it really is not.  I promise.  Mixing patterns is super easy and super trendy.  Just ask Elle Magazine.  Start with one basic pattern (stripes) and add a more vibrant pattern to it (florals).  The secret is to keep the color pallets in line.  So if you are working with a navy stripe, try a bold vibrant floral or camo print.  If you start with a pastel color print, keep the next one in a more muted shade, as well.  Try not to go overboard.  Be subtle in your pattern mixing, but have FUN.  This is a great trend to really express yourself and showcase your dynamic personality.  


Where are you working moms at???  This trend is for you!!!  Pencil skirts are not only timeless and classic, but elegant and sophisticated.  They are great as a base for adding so many of the other trends we have talked about.  You can wear them with flats or with heels.  Try a cute peep toe bootie on cold spring days.  Add a tailored jacket or keep it flowy with a loose blouse.  Tuck your shirt in or leave it out.  Truly, you can’t go wrong with this trend.  Pencil skirts look great on any body type and there are so many to choose from.  Play up your pencil skirt; define your style with this great spring must have.  


Hello feminine.  Hello flirty.  Ruffle are no longer for babies and school girls.  They have been hitting the runways all over the world and are blowing up this spring.  Ruffles can be really dramatic and oversized or you can keep them subtle and simple.  Pairing a great ruffle sweater with your favorite denim and peep toe booties or flats is a great way to bring this trend to life now.  Ruffles are perfect for any occasion whether it be work, a lunch date, church, or even a date night!!!  This trend has been hot for some time and it is making a huge splash this spring.  

You’ve got this mama.  Spring is happening and with it brings an opportunity refresh and refine your outfits.  Dressing for Colorado weather does not mean we need to revert to plain black yoga pants and fourteen layers.  Be bold in your colors.  Mix those patterns with your favorite pencil skirt.  Add a great utility jacket and play with the feminine side of ruffles.  Ladies, we deserve to feel and look amazing… you are worth it!  

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