Birthday Party Venues In and Around Boulder


Birthday Venues In and Around BoulderSeptember is my favorite month because it’s my daughter’s birthday month. I have had birthday parties on the brain for several months now because every time her birthday rolls around I start thinking about how we are going to celebrate – what kind of party we should have and of course, which birthday party venue around Boulder should we choose?!

To be completely honest, hosting parties is not my favorite. I agonize over whether or not anyone will come and if things will run smoothly. This is why in my adult life I do not make a big fuss about birthday parties or celebrations for myself. 

Children’s parties are different. When I had my daughter I knew that I would have to get over my reluctance to host parties. Children’s birthdays are supposed to be fun and carefree. They are a huge hallmark of childhood. There’s a video of one of my husband’s birthday parties that warms my heart every time I think of it. The theme was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun and my husband still laughs whenever we talk about it. 

I want my daughter to have fond memories of her birthdays too and feel celebrated! So, I work hard to push past my anxiety about parties to create a magical and joy-filled experience. Last year we had my daughter’s party at a local park. It was inexpensive and fairly easy. Due to my semi-controlling nature, however, the abundance of variables I couldn’t control caused me more anxiety than I would like to admit. This year, I’m going the more expensive and less unpredictable route by hosting it at a local venue specializing in birthday parties.

Birthday Party Venues In Boulder

ABC Kids Climbing (Boulder) – We went to a birthday party here last February and my daughter had so much fun. Indoor climbing is a fun winter activity for children and it tires them out a little, so that is great for parents as well! For kids not into climbing, they have lots of other activities as well.  Birthday packages are designed for two age groups ( preschoolers and standard ). Prices vary by package and age group. 

Tinker Art Studio (Boulder) – I had never been to Tinker Art Studio before we attended a birthday party there this summer. It’s a cute little art studio in North Boulder, and the kids created a very impressive project! This birthday party venue is great for children ages 3-13 and includes a themed art project.

PoshSplat Paint (Boulder) – Think Canvas and Cocktails without the cocktails. I loved the setup of this party and it’s a great indoor option for a party. The kids created a really cute cupcake painting and had a wonderful time. If your child is an aspiring Picasso, this is your place! 

Birthday Party Venues Around Boulder

Great Play of Superior (Superior) – Great Play is a great birthday party venue that offers interactive birthday parties for ages 1-10. You can choose the theme for your party out of 6 themes, and there’s lots of room for customization. Prices start at $249 for members and $299 for non-members for up to 18 children. Each party is 90 minutes. The birthday party we attended there was similar to the classes my daughter has attended, which made it a great experience for her.

Xtreme Altitude (Lafayette) – My daughter loves their Preschool Open Play times, and it’s one of her favorite places to go. I used to work here too so I know firsthand how fun the parties are. They offer two different party packages (Xtreme and Basic) starting at $205 and up. The cost of each package depends on how many guests you have. Each party includes an hour of playtime in the gym and 30 minutes for cake and food in the party room complete with a personal birthday party attendant.

Broomfield Bay (Broomfield) – The season for Broomfield Bay closes on Labor Day and reopens Memorial Day 2018. I wanted to include this one in case anyone with summer birthdays is getting a head start on their list. We attended two birthday parties at Broomfield Bay this summer and had a wonderful time. The prices for birthday parties depend on the number of guests and whether or not you are a Broomfield resident.

What are your favorite birthday party venues in and around Boulder?

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  1. We really loved My Party Spa, they are a mobile spa so they come to you or you’re venue of choice. They were great decorated my living room Spa themed. Each girl was greeted with a robe and slippers to wear at the party. They brought sparkling cide and each girl toasted in champaign glasses(super cute!)They brought a staff of nice fun ladies to do spa services. They have tons of packages to choose. We got the Delux Day Spa package manicures pedicures hairstyles light makeup and a fun diy craft. I’d highly recommend them. It was a breeze for me being a busy mom. They took care of every detail. The girls are still raving about them.

    • Hi Jennifer. Thanks for sharing your recommendation! I haven’t heard of them before, but that sounds like such a fun party idea! I know my daughter would love that so I will keep them in mind for our next party.


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