5 Denver Playgrounds You’ve Never Heard Of



A good playground is everything when you have little ones at home to entertain. Now that it’s officially springtime in Denver, why not try someplace new? Make your life easier and try out one of these great parks.

1. Mestizo-Curtis Park (North Denver)

Located at 32nd and Champa, this playground offers nice views of downtown. The newly renovated tree shaped play structure invites climbers and slide lovers to explore, while the tree and animal vignettes, “doctor is in” sign and other stations give many opportunities for imaginary play. The play area is padded with both mulch and a bouncy soft turf floor. The Mestizo-Curtis public swimming pool is just north of the playground. My kids had such a blast at this park, they are still talking about the merry-go-round.

2. James Manley Park (Central Denver)

Located at 4th and Josephine, just off the Cherry Creek North shopping district, this is a sunny playground with a challenging and exciting play structure. It has a faux rock feature for climbing, seats that spin, big slides and interactive elements as well. The play area is padded with a sand floor. Some of the elements in this park would appeal to older kids and even pre-teens. We visited Manley Park on a sunny day last week, my three enjoyed the tire swing. Check it out.


3. Observatory Park (South Central Denver)

Located at Evans and Milwaukee, this park is a Denver gem. The Chamberlin Observatory, which is adjacent, and the hundred year old trees give this park a magical quality. The shady play area is spacious and has both innovative and traditional play equipment. The park is home to nearly a hundred hand-me-down toys, such as tricycles and lawn mowers, baby buggies, dump trucks, shovels and buckets, cars and other ride-ons. Your kids will be delighted by all the new things to do, I know mine were. Check it Out.

4. Discovery Park (Wheat Ridge)

Located at 38th and Kipling, Discovery Park has countless wonderful features. The view of the mountains is lovely, the park is big and spacious with multiple play areas. It’s a very sunny park, though shade is provided under pavilions. At the very top of the park is a little wading stream that operates during the summer months. At the bottom, a splash pad with fountains spouts up and offers another chance to get wet. In between the water features are the different play areas, appealing to different ages. My kids love the sand pit, featuring a water pump which keeps the sand ready for making lots of castles and moats. Check it out.



5. Downtown Children’s Playground (Downtown)

Located at Speer Blvd and Wewatta, this playground is smack dab in the middle of the city. Be prepared to park on the street and walk to the park, following the old iron bridges that cross the Cherry Creek trail. The energy of downtown is sure to brighten up your daily routine. The play sculptures are innovative and invite imaginary play. A hand operated water feature brings a calming element, as the children turn a crank and water spurts up and runs through a sculptured river bed. Check it out.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the links! Unfortunately, the link for Observatory Park is not working correctly … it takes you to Manley Park. I’m excited to check some of these parks out!


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